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Sositar Mould Co., Limited Offers its collection of Plastic Moulds for Various Industries

Sositar Mould Co., Limited Offers its collection of Plastic Moulds for Various Industries

China; 01, March 2017: Plastic is used in various forms and has truly made its presence felt across industries. The possibilities of using them are immense and different industries find it a practical option when it comes to manufacturing their products. Plastic molds play a crucial role in shaping these products and the machines used to make the best use of them have transformed over the years. There are a number of plastic mold China companies that deal in manufacture and export of different types of plastic mold machines. One notable name that has been in business since the year 1998 is Sositar Mould Co., Limited.

The company has its own manufacturing unit based in Shenzhen, China. They deal in manufacture of specialized plastic moulds and cater to customers from across the globe. They mainly product equipment that is needed for industries like automotive, medical, home appliances, electronic devices, and other sporting equipment. Their mold maker equipment are truly advanced and come with different capacities. Besides the mentioned industries, the company also works as a general industrial OEM application supplier. This facilitates them in offering customized equipment pertaining to specific industries. Their manufacturing unit is spread over 3,800 sq. mt. and is well located as well as connected to major cities of the country. The company presently has over 150 excellent toolmakers and their capital assets value at 15 million RMB.

The capacity of the company is as high as 65-80 mold sets per month. Besides, they are well-equipped to produce different plastic parts that weigh below 1500 grams and having capacities below 650 tons. Overall the company expertise in producing plastic moulds and die casting measuring anywhere below 8500x1000x8500 mm. Being a known Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer, the company has over 15 years of experience. Their facility is supervised by qualified professionals and with the help of constant sustained as well as strict quality control measures in place, they have been able to produce world class products.

For more details about their products or to check their offerings, customers are free to check their website. The website lists them all along with detailed images and descriptions. Moreover, for additional queries, customers can get in touch with their representatives using the mentioned contact details on their website.

About Sositar Mould Co., Limited:

Sositar Mould Co., Limited is a Chinese based manufacturing company that deals in production of various kinds of plastic molds as well as mold making equipment. They presently cater to a wide number of industries that mainly include automotive, medical equipment, electronics, sporting equipment, and home appliances. For more details, please visit their online portal.

For Media Contact:
Person: Jackie Lau
Sositar Mould Co., Limited
Tel: +86-0755-33183226
E-mail: sales@sositarmould.com
Website: http://www.moldchina.com/
Skype: jackielau0109

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