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Sports Cooler Backpack Bag by Freddie and Sebbie

Sports Cooler Backpack Bag by Freddie and Sebbie

24 September 2015: The soft cooler bag by Freddie and Sebbie has immediately earned 55 positive evaluations from customers on Amazon, giving the device a 4.8 star score feedback rating.

According to the Freddie and Sebbie co-director, Neil Speight, the recent summer season successes for their sports cooler bag is due to its sheer adaptability, adding; “It’s ideal for outdoor events such as beach outings, family picnics, camping, sports events, and suitable for ramblers.” He likewise stated that the cooler bag was both insulated and leak-proof, while being able to keep food items frozen or cooled and fresh for many hours. The product description seen on the Amazon Marketplace says that the extra-large carrier is made from robust materials, with dimensions of 10.5 inches in depth, 8 inches in width, and 13.5 inches in length.

One customer, Kristy Stout, stated in a 5 star evaluation that her husband was very excited about the bag. She includes: “It has numerous pockets which can accommodate tableware such as spoons and forks, dressings, napkins, and other accessories. This cooler can carry a minimum of 6 water and soda bottles with extra space for other snacks and ice packs. The bag is made of black canvas material with 2 linings which are useful in case of spills. The cooler bag can keep beverages cold particularly when the cover is closed. The sides and handles are padded with detachable insulation, huge beverage holders and a substantial front pocket.”

Another Amazon customer describes the soft cooler bag by Freddie and Sebbie as ideal for day getaways, stating: “As a stay at home mother, I want to save money and stay healthy at the same time. I load a cooler when we go out for the day so we do not have to count on junk food all the time.” She likewise discusses that the two handles would not cave in, even if the bag was filled with bottled drinks, while verifying that the holders and straps could be eliminated and adjusted without any trouble. “You can fit 4 water bottles in the outside holders, napkins and wipes in the front zipper pocket, and a lot of food in the main inner insulated area. Just to offer you an idea, I was able to fit 2 six-packs inside the primary compartment,” she included.

Lots of clients have additionally stated that the most impressive function about the sports bag was the detachable inner lining in the main compartment, meaning if there should be a spill, cleaning would never be an issue. While thanking consumers for the recent feedback reviews, Neil added: “The insulated cooler bag is properly insulated and the food stays fresh throughout the day. With multiple pockets and alternative storage ability, this is the go-to cooler bag for all events. Shoppers will certainly not be sorry for buying this item.”

Another mother stated she was delighted in her review, adding: “This travel cooler bag easily fits lunches for my family of 4. The lining of the primary inside compartment and outside product are really easy to clean. The straps are likewise extremely long lasting.” The beach cooler bag by Freddie and Sebbie is specifically sold on Amazon, with more details and images to be found on the site,

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