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Spring Break® Eyewear launches world’s first smart sunglasses and ski goggles

Spring Break® Eyewear launches world’s first smart sunglasses and ski goggles


Spring Break® Eyewear, a leader in top-rated sunglasses retail, has announced today the launch of its own line of the world’s first wi-fi-enabled smart sunglasses and ski goggles.

Developed and patented exclusively by Spring Break® Eyewear, these sunglasses and goggles are the world’s first recordable eyewear products with built-in wifi. Users record video through an on board HD camera, and then transfer those videos wirelessly to their smartphones. From there, users can upload or share images and videos across any social media or online video platform.

Additionally, users can stream video in real time, pair Bluetooth devices, receive notifications with their glasses, and modify their experience through third-party apps.

“As our culture becomes increasingly digitized, people also have an increased desire to capture and share special memories,” Jazlin Mitchell, vice president of marketing at Spring Break® Eyewear, says. “With our smart sunglasses and goggles, we’ve given people the ability to record and share without having to awkwardly hold up their phone or miss a special moment while they access the right app on their phone. With our patented system, users can record and share everything effortlessly.”

In addition to containing an astounding array of technology, Spring Break® Eyewear’s smart sunglasses and goggles are also waterproof, and constructed from the highest quality materials available. They also offer UV-400 protection, making them just as functional as your favorite pair of UV lenses.

Spring Break® Eyewear is currently taking pre-orders for their smart sunglasses and ski goggles via their Indiegogo campaign, which can be accessed here: http://SpringBreakWifi or at

Established in 2006, Spring Break® Eyewear has grown into one of the top online providers of premium eyewear, offering selections from top-rated manufacturers. To learn more about their patented smart glasses and goggles, visit . You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter

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