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Startup CIO Becomes Invaluable to New and Young Businesses

Startup CIO Becomes Invaluable to New and Young Businesses

Jupiternetwork uses a creative and proven methodology to offer Startup CIO services in the Rocky Mountains.

Denver, Colorado, Dec 07, 2015 — Jupiternetwork has made starting a new business or operating a young business easier. Startup CIO services offered by the company at http://jupiternetwork.co/startup-cio/ provides essential expertise and helps company avoid costly and expensive traditional consulting fees. Startup CIO helps startups in 5 critical areas. 1) Expertise 2) Technology Use 3) Growth 4) Resources 5) Adoption.

Unlike other types of consulting services, Startup CIO offers a measurable and proven methodology. Because of this Jupiternetwork Startup CIO is attractive to angel investors, venture capitalists and private investors. “I learned that startups and investors both needed a service which offers measurable results.” comments Angelo Tanner, President of Jupiternetwork. “We are attractive to investors because they realize that we help avoid costs, speed up growth and provide a valuable service.”

The Startup CIO service uses a method called 7c which includes 7 areas which a company can measure the progress and maturity of their business. This foundation allows for a formal and measurable plan of action.

Jupiternetwork collaborated with Aspen Capital Fund to avoid the pitfalls of traditional consulting, and offer the most needed IT services of startup businessess.

About Jupiternetwork:
At Jupiternetwork we work to nourish the performance and accomplishment of our clients. Our culture is built around the belief that everyone is dedicated to building success stories and determined to help our clients. Our clients strive to become the most influential businesses and institutions. We have clients in many types of industries and are of all different sizes. What our clients do have in common is a passion for success. Our clients want to take a journey to learn how to enable technology to accelerate business transformation.

For More Contact: Angelo Tanner, Jupiternetwork, 720-600-4560

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