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Startup Nonprofit Bridges Divergent Industries through Novel Tattoo Design Competition

Startup Nonprofit Bridges Divergent Industries through Novel Tattoo Design Competition

‘Inked for Peace’ Now Accepting Submissions of Tattoo Designs Aimed at Ending Societal Issues.

Gainesville, FL, Jan 08, 2016 — A new peace-promoting nonprofit is announcing the first in a series of tattoo design competitions in which the winning designs will be offered as 100 percent free tattoos to anyone intent on reducing global conflict.

Inked for Peace (, launched Dec. 22, promotes peace through body art. The pairing may seem unlikely for many individuals until they hear the reason the startup believes tattoos and peace are an ideal combination: “Standing up to violence is going to hurt, so you might as well be sitting down.”

Visitors to the nonprofit’s website are able to request to get “inked for peace” with one of the tattoos found in the organization’s “flashfolio” (at, depending on which cause visitors are particularly passionate about supporting. Inked for Peace’s flashfolio is sparse as of now, but imminent partnerships with other peace-promoting nonprofits to use their logos and on-going tattoo design competitions will result in a wide-range of tattoo options from which to choose. Thereafter, Inked for Peace will coordinate with parlors to make the process as “painless” as possible.

The draw for tattoo artists to volunteer their talents and time comes from unprecedented exposure on both Inked for Peace’s website and social media outlets. Any tattoo artist who participates in Inked for Peace’s mission, either by submitting a tattoo design to a competition or inking a tattoo design on someone ready to get “inked for peace,” will be featured before an international community of tattoo and peace enthusiasts. In fact, certain tattoo artists, such as the winners of the competitions, will be given their own page on the nonprofit’s website.

Inked for Peace’s inaugural tattoo design competition is focused on the issue of bullying, which affects people of all ages, but particularly youth below the permissible tattooing age. Recognizing the need to include people of all ages, cultures and creeds, Inked for Peace will offer both permanent and temporary tattoos to anyone who requests them. In this case, school-age children will be able to join the growing Inked for Peace community in spreading the anti-bullying message in an innovative way. Learn more about their first competition at

Inked for Peace was founded by Damian Niolet, an entrepreneur and tattoo enthusiast who recognized the storytelling power of body art after getting his first tattoo. Niolet, also a 10-year U.S. Air Force veteran turned devout pacifist, uses his own tattoo story as an example on the nonprofit’s website, but he gladly anticipates the day his story is overshadowed by millions of others.

“More-and-more people will see getting ‘inked for peace’ as a counterculture like none before it because the movement will finally prove, ‘World peace is not only possible, but inevitable,’” Niolet said.

While Inked for Peace plans to expand on its products and services in ways not even mentioned on its website, the budding startup is focused on gathering its first 100 peace-inspiring tattoo stories and sharing them with the world.

“Inked for Peace is here to help everyone loudly and clearly declare which path they’ve chosen — one of violence or one of peace,” Niolet said. “Spoiler alert: You’ll only ever hear the more inspiring stories from us. After all, our media and entertainment do a fine job of telling the others … too fine.”

About Inked for Peace:
Inked for Peace is a nonprofit with an innovative vision and mission that involves inciting a small-scale cultural revolution against conflict by fostering a network of supporters who wish to promote peace through body art.

Learn more about Inked for Peace at Follow Inked for Peace on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

For More Information Contact: Damian Niolet at

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