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Stockholm Free Tour Offers Private, Free Walking Tours

Stockholm Free Tour Offers Private, Free Walking Tours

Stockholm is a vibrant, beautiful city full of history and contemporary culture. Now, Stockholm Free Tour, located on the web at , is offering free walking tours as well as competitive pricing on car tours.

Stockholm is chic, charming and friendly and boasts one of Europe’s most fascinating locations for sightseeing, cuisine and nightlife. Built across 14 islands, Stockholm is sometimes called “The Venice of Sweden.” Prices in Stockholm tend to run up to 25 percent less than other European cities for lodging and food, making the city a great place for a weekend or mid-week getaway. With more than 170 hotels and 64 youth hostels scattered around the city, anyone can find an affordable place to stay. Public transportation into the city is excellent, as well, for those who choose to stay outside the city limits.

Stockholm Free Tour offers both walking and riding tours of all of Stockholm’s major attractions and sites, including the Royal Palace, the Vasa Museum and wonderful restaurants with opportunities to sample many types of food. Free walking tours as well as affordable car tours allow people from many different locations around the world to see the best of Stockholm with the help of knowledgeable, friendly guides who love the city and want to share its beauty with others as well as increase visitors’ knowledge of Stockholm’s rich history.

For more information, contact Stockholm Free Tours at hi(AT)

Stockholm Free Tour:

Stockholm Free Tour is offering free walking tours and affordable car tours around the city of Stockholm. With friendly, knowledgeable tours in a number of languages, anyone can enjoy a tour of Stockholm that takes in historical sites, prime restaurants, museums and other place of interest. Stockholm Free Tour guides love the city and are excited about sharing their knowledge of this incredible metropolis with visitors.

Contact Person: Ms. Lena Li
Company: Stockholm Free Tour
Address: Malartorget 13, 111 27 Stockholm, Sweden
Email: hi(AT)
Phone: 07011001234

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