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Stonecreek Dentistry Introduces a Full Spectrum of Dental Procedures

Stonecreek Dentistry Introduces a Full Spectrum of Dental Procedures

Irvine dental practice Stonecreek Dentistry provides excellent clinical and cosmetic dentistry. Treatments include care for toothaches, cavities, teeth whitening, and other care services at this Irvine dental office.

Over the last few decades Americans have enjoyed much lower occurrences of cavities. However, there are still plenty of dental concerns that people need to be aware of; some of them, such as those pertaining to oral cancer, can be very serious. Along with purely clinical dental care, people increasingly make use of cosmetic dental care that is available. Stonecreek Dentistry of Irvine is pleased to offer Southern Californians both cosmetic and medicinal oral care.

Irvine dentist Dr. Colin Suzman at oversees a boutique practice, contracting with some of the area’s top specialists such as oral surgeon Dr. Ian Woo and prosthodontist Dr. Miguel Pappaterra. Dr. Suzman is passionate about offering excellent care and providing patients with legitimate consultation. He regularly advises against expensive procedures that he believes are unnecessary and even harmful to a patient.

By serving as a professional dentist in Irvine as seen at , Stonecreek Dentistry ensures patients receive the best possible standard of care. Among their areas of focus is providing excellent pediatric care; in spite of fewer cavities in recent decades, children are still susceptible to them. Dr. Suzman believes strongly in helping kids avoid them via fun education during visits as well as using sealants on kids’ primary teeth to prevent decay later on.

Beyond guaranteeing good dental visits in Irvine, Dr. Suzman and Stonecreek Dentistry instill the importance of people continuing good oral hygiene at home as seen at . Via the Stonecreek Dentistry website, people can buy a myriad of dental care products. The HydroFloss Oral Irrigator offers users state of the art gum care and is listed for $98.00. The website also offers basic oral hygiene supplies such as Biotene mouth wash for less than $7.00, while bleaching packs sell for approximately $20.00.

Stonecreek Dentistry has been in practice for several years. To make an appointment or if you have questions contact the office via the information below.

For More Information:
Dr. Colin Suzman
Stonecreek Dentistry
4330 Barranca Parkway, Suite 100
Irvine CA, 92604
(949) 552-6334

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