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Successful GoPro Accessory The GOMA Solid is available on again

Successful GoPro Accessory The GOMA Solid is available on again

New York, NY – Goma Industries released their highly popular GoPro accessory the GOMA Solid on Amazon in November 2014. The turnaround in sales couldn’t have been better. The GOMA Solid became one of the most successful GoPro accessories to sell on Amazon during the 2014 holiday season. The people at GOMA Industries did not expect this sharp increase in sales, so the GOMA Solid sold out by the beginning of 2015.

Now the GOMA Solid is back for sale on Amazon . To thank its customers for their support and patience, Goma Industries has a re-launch sale price of $15.99. The famous suction cup usually sells for $19.99. An added freebie in this promotion is their microfiber bag, ideal to keep a GoPro camera and small parts in one place. A similar GoPro protective bag costs $7.99 on Amazon, so GOMA Industries is offering a 28-dollar product for $15.99: A true bargain for the post-holiday season.

Those interested in buying a GOMA Solid are also encouraged to look for coupons and secret discount codes throughout the month.  These coupons may be available in several coupon search engines and shopper communities.

The GOMA Solid is a revolutionary tough 3-axis 180-degree suction cup that will allow the user to easily frame any shot. It offers a convenient quick-release base that can be removed within seconds. Due to its universal buckle mont, The GOMA Solid is not only fully compatible with all GoPro editions but also with several other hero cameras.

About Goma Industries:

Goma Industries is a popular camera accessories brand established by proud members and experts from the International Cinematographers Guild. The products they design for the filmmaking industry are tested to meet all the film industry standards, but can be used by non-professionals as well. The company ensures top quality of their products and guarantees full customer satisfaction with 30-day no-question guarantee.

For more information on the GOMA Solid or to see GOMA Industries webpage page visit:

GOMA Industries
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