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Successful International Conference on Application of EPS Insulation in Flat Roofs

Successful International Conference on Application of EPS Insulation in Flat Roofs

On September 21st and 22nd 2015, users, planners and architects from 10 different European countries participated in the international conference about application of EPS insulation in flat roofs. In the meeting, organised by EUMEPS, the latest developments about the use of EPS insulation on flat roofs were discussed.

Prague, Czech Repubic, October 15, 2015 — In a two day program, top European experts provided a thorough briefing on all relevant actual topics related to this application such as: market and product developments, technology, processing, fire protection, cost optimality, architecture, ecology and recycling. Some of the highlights were:

-“Energy saving design” by Ben Westenburger, from the Dutch architect agency Rothuizen, specialised in re-use and renovation of historical buildings. He explained how to cope with the challenges of combining sustainability and energy efficiency while respecting the value of our cultural heritage.

-Edith Antonatus, Fire Safety specialist from BASF, with her contribution “Fire safety of large industrial buildings” dived deep into the details of fire safe design of large industrial buildings according to German regulation.

-A lively dialogue developed around the presentation of Ron de Bruyn, regarding the insurance perspective. One conclusion was that there is a negative perception with insurers, often based upon incorrect information. However, insurer general preference for incombustible materials does not translate into a reduction of insurance premiums that allows pay back of the additional investments. Certainly in case of renovation there is sufficient space for a dialogue including other perspectives and possibilities to incorporate EPS as the light weight, technically preferred option a in a cost effective fire safety concept.

Part of the conference was a visit to the Civil Engineering Centre, a testing and certification laboratory for most products and technologies used in construction. Participants witnessed a real life fire test demonstrating the excellent performance of EPS.

EUMEPS Secretary General Edmar Meuwissen was pleased with the success of the event in Prague and looks positively forward to the future of EPS and design of flat roofs using EPS. All presentations are available for download (for private use while respecting copyright) at the EUMEPS website.

EUMEPS is the European association of the EPS industry. EUMEPS membership represents over 90% of the European manufacturing industry. The common interest between members is a belief that EPS is the most cost effective packaging and insulation material. EPS packaging is the best protective packaging for valuable and fresh goods combining sustainability and competitiveness in a single packaging solution. For thermal insulation in construction, EPS offers long-term properties such as high insulation value, high compressive strength and moisture resistance. EPS is lightweight, versatile, easy and completely safe to work with, making it the ideal material in a wide range of applications. EPS has a key role in ensuring safe, comfortable and energy efficient buildings, whilst also contributing strongly to the mitigation of greenhouse gas emission. EPS comprises about 35 % of the total thermal insulation market in Europe, with over 55,000 people employed in the European EPS industry. The role of EUMEPS is to ensure that the advantages of EPS are brought to a larger audience. This is achieved by information sharing to enable an informed dialogue with stakeholders on a national and European level.

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