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Successful Resumes: Australia’s Premier CV Services Provider

Successful Resumes: Australia’s Premier CV Services Provider

Sydney, Australia; 25, January 2016: There’s no denying the global economy is still in a state of flux. As a result, more individuals are applying for the same limited amount of jobs available. And employers now have more choice of candidates than ever!

The bad news for job seekers is their resumes could be letting them down. That’s despite the fact they may otherwise be perfect for the jobs they are applying for! It’s no secret that firms only scan each CV for a brief few seconds. If resumes don’t have the keywords they’re looking for, they get rejected. It’s a sad fact of life, but it happens every day.

Successful Resumes want to help candidates have the best chance of getting the jobs they want. They offer professional resume writing services that deliver results.

Why select Successful Resumes?

As the name suggests, Successful Resumes give candidates a fighting chance of securing jobs. The problem that many job seekers have is their resume writing skills are weak. They don’t know how best to present their experience and qualifications to potential employers.

When they write CVs themselves, they assume that everyone will find them easy to read as they do. The trouble is; that’s not always the case. The problem with resumes isn’t so much to do with the information written. It’s more to do with the presentation of that detail.

Employers receive hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes for job openings. They seldom have the time to read through each CV in its entirety. It’s crucial that one’s resume stands out from the rest and grabs their attention. That must also happen within the space of just three or so seconds.

Successful Resumes have a team of expert CV writers on board. They are all experienced professionals that help candidates have a fighting chance. They work with clients on a one-to-one basis, delivering a personal yet professional service.

Value-added services

At Successful Resumes, they don’t just offer a resume writing service. They also provide some value-added services too!

Some clients may not have the skills to write covering letters with their applications. Successful Resumes can craft a glowing letter that one can include with their resumes. After all; postal applications always demand a covering letter!

Many employers also look to the professional social network LinkedIn for new staff. At Successful Resumes, they can help one curate an outstanding LinkedIn profile. When seeking professional roles, it’s crucial one has a profile that employers can see.

About Successful Resumes:

A global leader in professional resume writing services. Successful Resumes have more than 40 branches around the world, including Australia. They can place clients with resume writers that help them achieve the results they need.

Successful Resumes also offer covering letter writing services. And they can even help clients construct glowing LinkedIn profiles.

For more information, contact:
John Little
Successful Resumes
5 York St
Tel: +61 (0)400 030 833

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