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sunMYLOVE Reinvents Handmade Fashion Jewelry with their Exclusive Jade Bracelets & Agate Necklaces

sunMYLOVE Reinvents Handmade Fashion Jewelry with their Exclusive Jade Bracelets & Agate Necklaces

Heilongjiang, China; 13, October 2015: For fashion conscious customers around the world, sunMYLOVE brings an adorable collection of handmade jewelries with natural designs and with a personalized approach. According to the spokesperson of the online jewelry store, all products have been crafted with an utmost level of dedication and care. This is the reason why the jewelries carry a personalized touch and one can appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship that each piece of jewelry proudly exhibits.

The spokesperson reveals that they have set a new trend of Handmade Fashion jewelry and customers are appreciating the unique designs that showcase the hard work of the designers. Moreover, jewelries are available at up to 70% price discounts and this is inviting many new customers to try these handmade jewelries. They have a huge range of jewelries, including bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. One can find jewelries made of silver, stainless steel and other materials and with jade and agate embellishments.

The jewelry store has an extensive collection of jade bracelets for modern women to enhance their style at pocket-friendly prices. A Jade Bracelet with natural gem crystals and silver beads can greatly enhance the style quotient of a woman. Available at an affordable price range, these bracelets are perfect for the daily wear, and one can purchase different bracelets to change the style on a regular basis. A variety of crystals in different colors and silver beads are handpicked to create beautiful bracelets that can simply appeal to any woman.

According to the spokesperson, they design jewelries for modern women who go to work and also attend parties and functions, maintaining an up-class style. Any woman will love to wear an Agate Necklace that features attractive styles and can win a woman appreciation and accolades whether she goes to her office or attends a party. Made from the natural crystal, these necklaces are designed manually and are available in a range of styles. Women can find these necklaces a real way to flaunt their contemporary style and look more fashionable.

To check the collection of the handmade jewelry and accessories available with them, one may visit the website

About Heilongjang sunMYLOVE Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Heilongjang sunMYLOVE Jewelry Company supplies a wide range of handmade jewelries and accessories, including leather bags, sunglasses, belts and other items. All products are designed carefully to maintain their uniqueness and they use quality materials in the production. All products are available at discount prices and they endeavor to offer the best online shopping experience to the global customers.

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