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Superlightingled.Com Is a Prime Distributor and Retailer of All Kinds of LED Lights

Superlightingled.Com Is a Prime Distributor and Retailer of All Kinds of LED Lights

China; 20, August 2016: Long gone are the days when fluorescent or incandescent lighting fixtures were used in homes and offices around the world. Slowly and surely, these types of lights are increasingly being replaced by LED lights and compact fluorescent lamps. There are good reasons why the latter two types of lighting systems are fast replacing the conventional incandescent bulbs. Firstly, CFL as well as LED lamps offer a more focused illumination thereby fully lighting up the targeted area. Secondly, and more importantly, LED string lights consume less electric energy in comparison to the conventional lighting mechanisms.

This means, the consumer or user is able to make energy savings that ultimately results in his or her footing a reduced electricity bill. is a recognized distributor and wholesaler of LED lights including LED ceiling lights and its products are of high quality as well as moderately priced. Both the institutional and individual customer can browse through the different categories and place an order for a bulk quantity for taking advantage of the different offers. One can surf through the various categories and listings including but not limited to single color LED strip lights, color changing LED strips, dream color LED strip lights, LED module string lights, LED dimmer controllers, LED light bulbs, LED tube lights, LED power supply adapter, and LED lights accessories.

Super Lighting LED takes immense pride in supplying the best grade of LED kitchen lighting as well as intelligent M7 + M3-3-A, RGB controller, high-end controller for RGB multicolor LED light strips for using in the kitchen. This controller comes with a warranty of 5 years. Through this controller, one can make the most of the dynamic changing modes resulting in an emission of light that is not only focused but also mild at the same time.

One can also order for the M3+ M3-3A, RGB controller, high-end controller for RGB multicolor LED ceiling light strips that find maximum use in kitchens, study-rooms, bedrooms, cubicles, and other areas in homes and offices. The controller is remarkably compact and much smaller than traditional controllers allowing it to be held in the palm of the hand. It comes equipped with features like color temperature monitoring, RGB and dimming controls. The controller also scores high on the aesthetic front with its backside having a piano black color and the front is milky white. It has been innovatively designed for single-hand control, and performs beyond expectations.

Super LED lighting also stocks an array of LED string lights under the categories of Single Color Module String Lights, Color Changing Module String Lights, Programmable Module String Lights, and Holiday LED String Lights. These string lights have innumerable applications including but not limited to off-grid lighting, canopy illumination, channel lighting, landscape layout lighting, stage decoration lighting, and logo lighting.


Super Lighting LED is a well-known firm manufacturing and supplying almost all categories of LED lighting and accessories.

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Person: Jimmy
Company: Superlightingled Optoelectronics (ASIA) Co., Ltd.
Address: Saige Sclence Park No.3012, Huaqiang North Road,
Futian District, Shenzhen City, China
Tel: +086 13410161367

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