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Surf City Recovery Hires New Clinical Director Beth Schroeder

Surf City Recovery Hires New Clinical Director Beth Schroeder

Orange County-based alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinic Surf City Recovery has provided excellent assistance to people struggling with alcohol abuse and drug addiction. The clinic is proud to add Beth Schroeder as its new director.

Alcohol and drug abuse causes endless amounts of physical and emotional agony for addicts and the people they love. When a person has suffered enough pain and torment because of addiction, he or she is fortunate enough to have excellent treatment centers such as Surf City Recovery at their disposal. Located in Orange County, Surf City Recovery houses the best staff and facilities to help those who are suffering from drug addiction and alcohol abuse. To better serve recovering addicts, Surf City Recovery is proud to introduce Beth Schroeder as its newest clinical director.

Liquor remains one of the most, if not the most, abused drugs in California, as well as the country at large. Subsequently, recovery from alcoholism is among the most needed substance abuse assistance programs. Clinical Director Beth Schroeder is an excellent asset to help with alcohol rehab in Orange County, as seen at . Beth Schroeder’s 15 years of experience as a Licensed Social Worker has given her the insight to assist recovering addicts and their families with long-term stability.

Along with alcohol, illegal drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamines cause physical and mental distress for both addicts and those around them. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Beth Schroeder brings in an array of knowledge and experience to Surf City Recovery’s Drug Rehab Program, as seen at and . She is a strong believer in experiential and observation-based therapies. Many addicts will have different reasons for their decision to drink or abuse drugs, such observational tactics are highly valued when assisting individuals in getting better and becoming more stable.

Before Surf City Recovery, Beth Schroeder worked at other substance recovery centers after finishing her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Southern California. Her academic concentration in mental health, combined with her pride in helping people rebuild their lives and relationships with loved ones, illustrate her passion for assisting those in need. Surf City Recovery takes pride in welcoming Beth to the team.

About Surf City Recovery:

Surf City Recovery, located in Huntington Beach, California, is a certified outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program. SCR provides different levels of rehab services that include intervention, detox, and recovery, as well as those suffering a relapse. Utilizing a comprehensive clinical and holistic approach, SCR uses their proven therapies to help treat alcohol abuse and drug addiction.

For More Information:
Richard Seidel
Surf City Recovery
18090 Beach Blvd. Suite 5
Huntington Beach, CA
(714) 841-3863

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