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Survive the Recent Floods and Rainfall: Ozone Treatments can Protect Your Home, and Your Family

Survive the Recent Floods and Rainfall: Ozone Treatments can Protect Your Home, and Your Family

The recent spate of rain across the country has led to some devastating consequences, including the loss of life and property. While different regions have been affected in different degrees, the damage is not always seen on the outside. Luckily, with the Bio3Blaster ozone generator invented by Charlles Bohdy, you can effectively save your home and your loved ones from mold-related problems.

Whenever you turn on the news, whether it’s at the national level or the local, there are news items on floods, flash floods, and heavy rains all of the time. The Kinnickinnic River near Rive Falls, Wisconsin, for example, rose nearly 6.7 feet in 8 hours’ time – a drastic increase that might have catastrophic consequences.

Recent reports are still coming in from Wichita, Kansas, where storms have caused extremely heavy rainfall and consequent flooding. Though no injuries have been reported, there are reports of power outages and flooded homes in the region. The same story has been coming in from Ohio, from Illinois, from Pennsylvania to Rochester. This makes it imperative to have a battle plan ready in case you happen to come under similar circumstances.

Flooded streets not only ruin cars, but can have long drawn out consequences for families or individuals living in the affected region. The severe dampness of the climate, the warmth of the season, and the persistent water collected in gutters, basements, attics, all become habitable conditions that inspire the growth of mold. Home owners often find themselves in a situation where they must not only drain out their basements and other such areas of the house, but they must also take care of affected walls and floors – particularly if they’re wooden!

While one mold spore takes little less than twelve hours to turn into a population of 12 million, dealing with mold growth takes a little bit more time than that. Many homes become completely inhabitable, and the cost of treatment can run up to tens of thousands of dollars. There are plenty of liquid chemicals out there which claim to deal with mold, but as scientists have proved over and over since 2001, this is hardly a long lasting or effective mechanism for all the nooks and crannies.

The modern solution, then, is to run a mold treatment than is completely effective, can be applied in a large or small scale as required, and may completely destroy the infestation. An ozone generator can be your best friend, whether you’re a contractor or home owner, destroying musty odor, air-borne viruses and germs, and all the mold spores besides.

The Bio3Blaster, for example, comes highly recommended by the author of The Ultra Dry Basement and Got Mold Now what a trusted name in this industry. So if you’ve got mold, don’t despair because the ozone treatment is not only safe and easy, its 100% effective as well.

About the BiO3Blaster: Visit or call Charlles Bohdy at 800-240-8514 c/o 4456 North Abbe Road, Sheffield Village. The All Natural DIY Mold Removal system offers a high powered yet holistic way of dealing with odor and mold removal (treatment). With pioneering inventions like the Ozone Tornado and Ozone Tunnel technologies, these ozone generators provide one of the easiest ways to deal with mold infestations. From motels to restaurants, hospitals to home owners, everyone can benefit from the application of these methodologies!

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