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SwiftChat App: Simple, Free Global Chat Rooms for iOS and Android Devices

SwiftChat App: Simple, Free Global Chat Rooms for iOS and Android Devices

SwiftChat App, a simple, free international chat room based messenger on Android and IOS devices for discussing hot and interesting issues and meeting new friends is now available for download.

SwiftChat is the perfect means to meet new friends and have entertainment with common likes and dislikes or common interests. With this latest software, people all over the world could connect to the most common issues for free. This app utilizes WiFi or 3G to join, browse as well as make mobile chat rooms and message other users.

The best thing about this app is that it can be used for free. No hidden charges, no fees and without strings attached. When downloaded, the user can send many chat messages while meeting old associates and creating new ones.

There’s no registration or password needed and no account information to remember. Select the preferred user name and begin sending messages right away. With this app, users could experience the unlimited free will of socializing as well as sharing with individuals all over the globe.

This application isn’t bounded by language, cultural and geographical barriers. Users can browse and engage in the hottest and trending issues. This app aggregates all global chat rooms and shows the rooms in easy, intuitive lists positioned by popularity. Upvote users and gather upvotes to undo profile pictures, stickers, emoticons as well as other essential features.

Take pictures, upload and then share it to other users. People can also download pictures as well as audio clips. Users can use the drawing tools in order to share their own sketches, painting as well as creations. This allows users to show their artistic side to other users.

Use the application video and internet browser to look for, share and view website videos and links. There is no need to logging of the application to do this. Users can also customize their profile with art and pictures for the whole world to witness. Enjoy live chat with up to one hundred like minded people. Users can create personalize chat rooms for other people to join. Ask queries or begin discussions.

“I really love this app, this totally free, global chat, device secured accounts, collect upvotes, know the hottest topics, share videos, photos, drawings and audio clips, group chat and so much more.”

For more information about SwiftChat app, please feel free to visit or call SwiftChat’s support group.

Company: SwiftChat
Address: Surrey, BC, Canada

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