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Swizznet: Leading Private Cloud Server Hosting Provider

Swizznet: Leading Private Cloud Server Hosting Provider

29, November 2016: It could be time to say goodbye to in-house accounting solutions for good. Swizznet is now offering a service that allows businesses to take their accounting services into the cloud. This means that companies can access their accounting apps, no matter where they are. The new technology promises a host of other exciting benefits that could help business and change the way they do finance.

The Swizznet Concept

Swizznet realized early on that businesses love the cloud. As a result, they went about creating a system that would allow companies to put all their applications in the cloud. Two applications, Sage and Quickbooks, are critical to business accounting, but they’re not very compatible with the cloud. The basic idea behind Swizznet is to make it possible for companies to access Sage and Quickbooks on a cloud platform. This change means that businesses aren’t restricted as to where their financial teams are located. If their finance team is overseas, it doesn’t matter. The cloud allows collaboration regardless of where people are based.

Many businesses will be skeptical, however. They know how difficult it is to transition systems over from one technology to another. Some will say that the effort just isn’t worth it.

It’s the job of Swizznet, therefore, to convince businesses otherwise. Right now, the company is promising businesses to make their transition to the cloud as easy as possible. It says that it can achieve the transition with “zero IT headaches” and keep customers organized throughout. It also says that it can offer customers real-time monitoring, detect issues and optimize processes.

Private Cloud Hosting

Many companies have to put up with slow, in-house systems that sap their productivity and drain morale. Repairing these systems is slow, robs businesses of their profit margins and can derail their operations.

Swizznet is a leader in cloud hosting. It wants to help businesses make their systems run faster and more reliably. The company claims that there are many benefits to getting a private cloud server. The first is that everything runs faster when you have a specialist dedicated cloud system. In fact, speeds can be up to four to five times faster in some circumstances.

Second, growth is just a click away. There’s no need to buy your own servers if you want to add more users. Businesses can easily get more space as capacity as they scale.

Third, customers benefit from the fact that all data on their systems is backed up. Backups are automated, meaning no more time-consuming manual in-house backing up of hard drives.

And finally, businesses don’t have to blow their capital all in one go to buy new computer systems. Instead, they pay by the month. If they need more space or greater bandwidth, they simply increase their monthly payments.

What Customers Think

Customers who work across different offices report that they are happy with the product. For instance, SDL Private Advisors said that Swizznet helped his scale, even though employees are spread across different countries. As a result, he avoided blowing his budget on IT costs.

Customers can get in touch with Swizznet via phone or through the contact form on their website.

For Media Contact:
Kristin Callan, COO
6075 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98136
Telephone: 888-794-9948

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