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New Direction for Women announces link between addiction and trauma


Costa Mesa, California; 23, October 2015: Therapists are convinced studies have finally proved emotional trauma is at the root of addiction. Southern California-based rehab clinic New Direction for Women have been studying addiction for years but say it is only now professionals are starting to understand the huge part caused by trauma. http://www.newdirectionsforwomen.org/trauma-underlying-root-cause-dual-diagnosis/ NDFW facility treats hundreds of addicts a ... Read More »

New Directions For Women Announces New Record For Heroin Needle Exchange Set in Maine


Costa Mesa, California; 14, October 2015: Leading Costa Mesa women’s-only rehab facility New Directions for Women has announced a new page describing a new record for needle exchanges that’s been set in the state of Maine via that state’s needle exchange program. The Main program is currently running out of the India Street health center in Portland, ME — the ... Read More »

The Truth Of Addiction Program Makes Addiction Management Available At Home


LOGAN, Utah – The Truth Of Addiction Program announces it’s success in helping people with addiction to manage their cravings or urges at home without expensive or luxurious facilities. “The conventional method of addiction treatment lacks science and evidence,” says A. Scott Roberts, M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling and Truth of Addiction CEO. “Research actually shows dismally low success rates using ... Read More »

“Truth of Addiction” Helps Individual Overcoming Addiction Using Evidence-based Techniques


Logan, Utah – Truth Of Addiction is an online program to help people overcome addiction by using evidence-based techniques. This program incorporates key nutrients, cognitive-behavioral and mindful-meditation techniques to help individuals manage their cravings and urges, long-term. “There is a common misconception, that high-end and luxurious treatments for addiction are effective,” says A. Scott Roberts, M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling and ... Read More »