Friday , 25 September 2020
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New Clean Coal Technology Eliminates Both Carbon and Mercury-Coal Power Can Be Clean

Burn Less Coal

The Supreme Court struck down new Clean Air Act requirement. Now a synthesis of new technologies, give the coal companies and the EPA both what they need by cutting coal burning costs, while at the same time, reducing emissions and making the air cleaner. Sheffield Village, Ohio, July 14, 2015 — One hundred and ninety five coal plants are on ... Read More »

New Weapon For the EPA and the Environment in the Wake of the Supreme Court’s Recent Coal Ruling

Safe Mold Solutions

The Supreme Court itself, granted a victory for coal companies and the coal fired power industry. After nearly a year the Supreme Court issues a judicial slap-in-the-face for the EPA’s clean air plans. Now a new technology, lets the coal companies and the EPA both save face by cutting coal burning costs while at the same time reducing emissions and ... Read More »

Coal Moves to the Front Line with New Weapon

Burn Less Coal

New clean coal technology offers promise of salvation for dying coal fired power industry and reduces CO2 emissions up to 27% at the same time. Natural gas isn’t as safe as many think and contributes 34 times the heat trapping greenhouse gasses as new coal fired power plant energy catalyst technologies. Sheffield Village, Ohio, July 06, 2015 — New weapon ... Read More »