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Industrial Operational Intelligence Solutions Market Intelligence Report Offers Growth Prospects

Future Market Insights

Industrial operational intelligence is a business analytics and real time dynamic solution that provides greater insights and visibility for businesses. Operational intelligence is used by organisations for real time capabilities to take immediate decisions like stopping any business process or making changes in any traditional systems. Operational intelligence helps in improving and analysing business data through understanding the information related ... Read More »

Demand Signal Repository Solutions Market Forecast Research Reports Offers Key Insights

Future Market Insights

The consumer goods companies today are into expansion of their geographical footprint and outsourcing their operations and manufacturing due to which supply chain has become a complex process. The consumers also have multiple choices to fulfil their demand through similar product offerings by large number of companies in the market. So, today’s market is no longer based on traditional forecast ... Read More »

Smart Grid Home Area Network (HAN) Market Poised for Steady Growth in the Future

Future Market Insights

Electricity is the most widely used form of energy across the globe. Generation of electrical energy is the major source of carbon dioxide emission, as it relies on fossil fuels, followed by transportation, and is thus a significant contributor to climate change.  In order to cater to growing demand for electricity and reduce the impact on the environment, electric systems ... Read More »

In-Chassis Cooling Market Analysis, Trends, Forecast, 2016-2026

Future Market Insights

In- Chassis Cooling is necessary for the ejection of excessive heat produced by computer peripherals namely CPU (Computer Processing Unit), GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) & Hard disk since heat produced may result in decreased stability & performance of laptop & desktop which in turn leads to reduction in overall efficiency of the system. Adequate cooling of system’s integral components improves ... Read More »

New Research Report on Fuel Cell For Data Center Market, 2016-2026

Future Market Insights

As more companies look for reliable, resilient technologies to provide constant power as well as reduce its carbon footprint, distributed generation (DG) and renewable energy are gaining focus of the corporate culture. One of such prime technology as a renewable source of energy is fuel cell. A fuel cell generates electricity using an electrochemical reaction, not combustion, and depending on ... Read More »

Market Size of Air Conditioning Systems, Forecast Report 2014-2020

Future Market Insights

The comfort level of living beings depend to a large extent on the surrounding environment. Temperature, air pressure and humidity are few of the most important environment variables that keep changing throughout the year. Getting accustomed to these changes, often becomes difficult for individuals. In order to control the environmental conditions, air conditioning systems play a vital role. Air conditioning ... Read More »

New Research Report on Switchgears Market, 2014-2020

Future Market Insights

High-intensity fault currents can damage the electricalequipment and devices of the circuit and to minimize these failures and mitigate the aftereffects, switchgear or fuses are employed. Fuses need to be replaced after every disconnection in the circuit as they don’t provide re-closure functions, in such cases where setting up the circuit in its normal functioning, switchgears are employed which provide ... Read More »

APAC Solar Micro Inverters Market Value Chain and Forecast 2014-2020

Industrial Automation and Equipment Industry Analysis copy

The first commercially successful micro inverter was launched by Enphase in 2008, which played a key role in popularising solar micro inverters globally. Currently, the global market comprises numerous domestic as well as international players supplying quality micro inverters. Modularity, safety, and maximum energy harvest will continue to drive the market at a considerable pace through 2020. Till recent years, ... Read More »

Force Sensors Market Forecast By End-use Industry 2016-2026

Future Market Insights

Force sensors are also known as force transducers that converts an input mechanical force into an electrical output signal. It act as a force sensing resistor in an electric circuit. It has various benefits such as flexibility and ultra-thin sensor construction which leads to minimal interference in normal action of device and precise response. Depending upon the working and sensing ... Read More »

Semiconductors in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Systems Market Growth, Trends and Value Chain 2014-2020

electronics and ict

In recent years, energy efficiency, environment compatibility, and cost reduction have been emerging as critical issues across the semiconductor industry. The electronics and semiconductor industry has launched various semiconductor solutions such as insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) for solar power systems. Various semiconductor products used in solar PV market include PV cells, insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), metal oxide field ... Read More »