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Technology Changes People’s Life and Airwheel mini mobility self balancing scooter review Struggles to be a Better One


07, October 2015: Tonight, every apple fan all over the world cannot sleep very well for CEO Tim Cook will unveil two new iPhones as well as the new Apple TV, iPad Pro and Apple Watch on Wednesday at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Technology is changing people’s daily life and as the electric scooter manufacture pioneer, Airwheel always ... Read More »

Shake off Stress by Riding an Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooter


01, September 2015: These days, there is a coloring book named Secret Garden selling like hot cakes in the world. It is said that this book can help people relieve their stress. While coloring the book, people will forget about their burdens and let go of pressure. According to reports, many people are falling for this kind of way of ... Read More »

Airwheel Golden Technologies Electric Scooter: Start a New Fad among Students


31, August 2015: A new transport named Airwheel electric scooter has emerged in the market, which has swept through the campus with its unique charm. It is known as not only portable and light but also fashionable and eco-friendly, thus well-received by the young. Due to its popularity, it can found everywhere in the campus, such as in front of ... Read More »

Airwheel Rocks the Golden Technologies Electric Scooter Market


31, August 2015: It has been decades since electric scooter entered the public view. Nowadays, due to the development of scientific technology, the current electric scooter has been added intelligent settings, batteries of large capacity and humanized design, enabling it to gain wide favors among consumers. As a top brand within the industry, Airwheel rocks the whole market for its ... Read More »

Airwheel Intelligent Sitting – Posture 2 Wheel Electric Scooter A3: To-Be Mainstream Transport


31, August 2015: So far, intelligent scooter has become an increasingly common transport around the globe. Due to its rapid development, there emerge many intelligent scooters of different brands. However, the application of intelligent scooters has been limited for the traditional standing-posture riding mode. In order to expand the employment of this kind of transport, Airwheel has rolled out the ... Read More »

Airwheel Self-Balancing 2 Wheels Scooters Loved By Office Workers


31, August 2015: Currently, There Are Many Kinds Of Transports Available For Consumers. Among All The Transports, Airwheel self-Balancing Scooter Is The Most Prominent, Which Is Famous For Its Small Size, Portability And Powerful Function. On That Account, It Has Gained A Lot Of Favor From Consumers. Especially For Office Workers, It Acts As A Great Companion That Is Able ... Read More »

Airwheel Single Wheel Self-Balancing Scooter: Unlock a New Way of Transportation


31, August 2015: With the promotion of electric scooters, it has been well applied to the daily commutation and common recreation. Due to its rapid development, there are so many brands of electric scooters, among which Airwheel undoubtedly beats other brands for its simple operation and powerful performance. Airwheel electric scooter is bound to unlock a new way of transportation. ... Read More »

Embrace the Sunshine outside On an Airwheel Intelligent Standing Electric Scooter


31, August 2015: With the rapid development of social media, people tend to communicate with others via all kinds of social media rather than actually go out and have fun. Thus, there are more and more otaku and otaku girls who becomes separated from the real world. As a matter of fact, this kind of lifestyle is not healthy. Instead, ... Read More »

Boyan Slat, 21 Years Old, And Airwheel Intelligent Standing Electric Scooters, 3 Years Old, Have the Same Dream – Changing the World.


27, August 2015: They are different and they are not at the same ages, but they have the same dream—to change the world. Boyan Slat, 21 years old, has been working hard and achieved great progresses towards his dream for years—to save the polluted sea. Airwheel, 3 years old enterprise in the intelligent scooter industry, has successfully changed the daily ... Read More »