Friday , 26 April 2019
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MRA: Ensuring Regulation Compliance since 2003


Regulation is of supreme importance in case of the foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. It is the responsibility of every National Government to protect their native populace from health hazards caused by intake of tainted edibles or topical ointments. By introducing regulatory guidelines, the administrative bodies put the onus on manufacturers to churn out healthy produce from factories and processing ... Read More »

Meet The Regulation Advisors


Regulation is the key to offering citizens (of any country) a physically healthy existence. Food that we partake of, or medicines that we ingest to cure us of ailments, often end up dragging our health into the pits because of improper amounts of chemical ingredients and/or unhyiegenic manufacturing practises. This is where regulation comes in. The Government, upon consultation with ... Read More »