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Pediatric Dentist Urges Caution over Sugar-Free Candies and Drinks

Brooklyn, USA; 02, February 2016: Sugar-free sodas, candies and sports drinks are frequently promoted as being a healthy alternative to full-sugar varieties, but Dr. Krepkhis keen for parents to realize the hidden dangers of these foods. These dangers have been highlighted by a research carried out at Melbourne University in Australia. The study tested sugar-free products and those containing sugar ... Read More »

New Jersey Pediatric Dentist Talks about Implications of New Study on Multiplying Teeth

New Jersey, USA; 02, February 2016: Researchers at Tokyo Medical and Dental University in Japan have found it is possible to multiply teeth in mice by extracting tooth germs, which are groups of cells that will later on develop into teeth. By splitting these tooth germs into two and implanting them into the jaws of mice, researchers were able to ... Read More »

Midtown NYC Pediatric Dentist Comments on New AAP Guidelines

New York, USA; 02, February 2016: Dr. Amy Lustbader, a pediatric dentist at the Midtown Dental Group is pleased to hear these recommendations, particularly as fluoride varnish applications are a very non-invasive way to protect children’s teeth. She is always keen to point out to parents and caregivers about the need to look after a child’s primary or milk teeth, ... Read More »