Thursday , 20 February 2020
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Sositar Mould Co., Limited Offers its collection of Plastic Moulds for Various Industries


China; 01, March 2017: Plastic is used in various forms and has truly made its presence felt across industries. The possibilities of using them are immense and different industries find it a practical option when it comes to manufacturing their products. Plastic molds play a crucial role in shaping these products and the machines used to make the best use ... Read More »

Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer Releases Injection Molded Tips to Help Manufacture Best Quality & Custom Molds


Shenzhen, China; 30, December 2016: The plastic mold making industry is growing at a fast pace and China based Sositar Mould Company focuses on advanced techniques and tools to produce best quality and precise molds. The company is well-known for their custom mold making and they employ some little known secrets that are behind their quality mold manufacturing. They now ... Read More »