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Ajwa – The Heavenly Fruit Is The Caviar Of Dates Renowned Worldwide

Royal Dates

Toronto, ON, June 17, 2016 — Toronto based Royal Dates Inc. prides itself for not only importing the sweetest and softest dates, but for also identifying which dates packs the biggest punch with regards to nutritional and healing benefits. A native exclusively to Madina, Saudi Arabia, Ajwa can now be found in other hot desert regions that have imported the ... Read More »

Royal Dates – One Hot Date That Is Hard To Forget

Royal Dates

Toronto, ON, May 31, 2016 — With all the new lifestyle trends that are popping up everywhere, one food item remains consistent in every healthy household throughout the sands of time. Dates have been revered for their nutritional and medicinal benefits hence why they were the first fruit to be cultivated by man. Whether you are a vegan, on the ... Read More »

Royal Dates Brings a New Date Variety to USA and Canada

Royal Dates

Toronto, Ontario, May 16, 2016 — Ajwa – The King of Dates: known for its healing properties, Ajwa is in a league of its own. Dark coloured with fine white lines, Ajwa has a distinctive flavour and subtle sweetness. Unlike medjool dates, Ajwa dates are a prized date that won’t be used in your date ball recipes. Did you know ... Read More »