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“Unbreakable” New Year’s Resolution: Help Your Blood Pressure, Help Indigenous Peoples


First Nation peoples, like Native Americans, are respected by natural medicine practitioners for their insights into effective non-drug approaches for disease. Foresthill, CA, Jan 9, 2017 — First Nation peoples, like Native Americans, are respected by natural medicine practitioners for their insights into effective non-drug approaches for disease. Dr. David DeRose, host of the syndicated health radio broadcast, “American Indian ... Read More »

Natural Mind Mending System Goes Viral for Saltori


18, March 2016: Over 175,000 people have actually now downloaded Andy Shaw’s breakthrough personal growth series, which assures to ‘cure the mind of stress and anxieties’. Highly acclaimed personal growth expert, Andy Shaw, has actually announced his popular mind-mending insight stems not from the actual material of the course itself, but really from the inner spirit of its users. Andy ... Read More »

42% of Adults Admit to Ignoring Heightened Stress Levels


18, March 2016: The twenty first century may not be as innovative as it seems, as virtually half of the population of United States adults admit to ignoring heightened stress levels on a daily basis. The American Psychologists Association (APA)’s newest findings reveal that 42% of adults do not think they are doing enough to combat increasing stress levels, Natural ... Read More »

UK Millionaire Strikes New Goldmine With Saltori Method of Thinking


18, March 2016: ‘Serial Entrepreneur’ exposes the reasons behind success for his impressive Saltori mental development series. World-renowned self help guru Andy Shaw recently exposed that his interest for the human mind is the sole reason his self-advancement strategies are now used by hundreds and thousands of people from over 140 nations worldwide. Amazed by the truth that only 1% ... Read More »

Stress Relief Help Promised With Saltori Method


14, March 2016: Self-development professional Andy Shaw exposes the secrets behind complete stress relief, which form part of his Saltori thinking method. As the rising number of mental illness-sufferers strikes headlines across the world on a day-by-day basis, it is clear that the twenty-first century is becoming a period governed by stress, anxiety and depression. Reports in the last few ... Read More »

The Truth Behind the Need for Personal Development

Self Improvement

13, October 2015: A recent article published on the Globe and Mail website has suggested that a sense of guilt is among the greatest motivators for individuals to turn their lives around. “Guilt has this function of reminding you that you can do much better,” stated Thomas Allard, a doctoral candidate in marketing and behavioral science at UBC, and lead ... Read More »

The INSTANT Series is Reshaping the Self-Help Industry


New York, NY – There is a common accepted belief, that people are who they are whether they like it or not, and there is nothing they can do about it. If people are unhappy with their quality of life, standard of living, and place in society, they should accept themselves for that. Unfortunately, this idea of self-acceptance is widespread ... Read More »