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Australians Want More Trade With China, Not US, Data Shows


A far reaching new opinion poll has shown that most Australians would prefer long term trading ties with China over the US. The survey, conducted by the University of Sydney, covered several Asia-Pacific nations and found that Australians were the least enthusiastic towards a large US presence with regard to trade in the region. New York, NY, USA, July 15, ... Read More »

Euro Steel Can’t Compete With Chinese Negative Profit Sales


The European Steel Association has said in a statement that Europe’s steel manufacturers will be “blown away” if the E.U. recognizes China as a fully-fledged market economy. New York, NY, USA, July 15, 2016 — With China’s ability to sell steel for negative profit due to their vast excess, it is claimed they would flood the market and make competition ... Read More »

Eurozone Recovery Picks up Speed According to Official Statistics


According to the official statistics, the economy of the Eurozone grew by an unexpected 0.6 percent in the first quarter of the year. Paris, France, July 12, 2016 — Despite analysts predicting a 0.4% growth in the 19-nation bloc, the Eurozone managed to double the 0.3% rate that was recorded in the last quarter of 2015. This increase was above ... Read More »

Greenback Surrenders Gains After Jump to Fortnightly Highs


Many who have backed the greenback in the past week have cut and run today, prompted by a mediocre performance in the markets Wednesday and a slip in the dollar’s gains versus its basket currency peers. Paris, France, June 30, 2016 — The dollars drive, a recovery from severe lows at the start of the month, was slowed by the ... Read More »

Japan Agrees to Release a Whopping $116 Billion to Support its Economy

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It is evident that the Japanese Government has been making efforts to boost its economy. According to the latest news, the government has given its approval to release $116 billion Yen into the economy. Beijing, China, May 31, 2016 — The government is hoping that the extra money being pushed into the market will help Japan overcome recession. This money ... Read More »

Internal Politics Threatens to Destroy Venture Capital Firm


Los Angeles – Xfund, an investment firm created in 2011 as tech companies were being birthed left right and centre, started falling apart a year ago when the relationship between its two partners went stale. Paris, France, May 31, 2016 — The two capitalists, Patrick Chung and Hugo Van Vuuren, contended over the rejection of a representative and who controlled ... Read More »

Norway’s Oil Sector Cracks Down on Executive Salaries

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Large, listed companies with executives earning large salaries have been warned. The world’s biggest sovereign fund has decided to change its approach to excessive executive salaries and has chosen to pursue these organizations in an extremely open way. Paris, France, May 24, 2016 — After initially refusing to be drawn into the issue surrounding the amounts CEOs are being paid ... Read More »

Three Arrow Abenomics May Have Lessons for the West

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ‘s bold plan and three-arrow approach of monetary easing. Coupled with Japan’s business deregulation and unprecedented government spending. Paris, France, May 24, 2016 — This may just be the best model to counter the economic defeatism currently visible in the west, according to Steve Rogers, the Director of Asset Allocation at Orix Capital Trading. He ... Read More »

China Won’t Manipulate Yuan for Trading Advantage


China won’t manipulate the Yuan in an attempt to seek an exchange surplus as business sector determined rates and adjusted universal exchange are to the nation’s advantage. London, England, May 24, 2016 — A week ago the US Branch of the Treasury included China on its “Monitored list” in a 6 monthly report to the Congress, as China runs “a ... Read More »