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TAILORS’ KEEP: San Francisco Bespoke Suit Makers

TAILORS’ KEEP: San Francisco Bespoke Suit Makers

25, November 2016: TAILORS’ KEEP is a tailoring shop based in the cosmopolitan city of San Francisco. The shop itself is nestled in a spot right between the city’s financial district, Jackson Square and North Beach. The company believes that its location helps it to appeal to a much wider audience. It says that the influence of many different cultures has made the shop into what it is today.

Custom Shirting And Custom Suiting

One of the biggest problems that men face is finding a shirt or a suit that fits them. All men are slightly different sizes, yet generic shirts and suits have a one-size-fits-all approach. Many people with bigger necks or longer bodies have to buy clothing that is too big for them. This is where custom shirting and suiting from TAILORS’ KEEP might come in handy. For shirts and suits to fit correctly, they have to be able to hug customer’s individual dimensions. Things like collar size, cuff length and shoulder fit are all important. The problem is that many men aren’t aware of these measurements. And even if they are, there isn’t always an awful lot they can do about it.

Custom shirts, on the other hand, are customizable. They come with a choice of different collar spreads and styles, as well as different styles for cuffs and pockets. Tailored shirts have different front styles too, including tux, pressed back and pleat. Back styles include box pleat, western and regular. Suits are even more varied. Suits come with different styles of vents, pockets, lapels, lining and buttons. Tailor’s Keep allow customers to choose all of these features individually when creating a suit or a shirt.

Styles For Any Occasion

TAILORS’ KEEP offer their customers suits for different occasions. On their site, they host a lookbook, showcasing many of the styles that the shop offers its customers. The company makes suits for occasions such as weddings, business, and even parties. All of its clothing is made from scratch, and it develops a pattern for each client.

TAILORS’ KEEP Partners With Traditional Manufacturers

Because TAILORS’ KEEP is a small scale operation, it’s enlisted the help of two manufacturers. Both manufacturers are based in the New England area and are among the last traditional clothes makers in the country. TAILORS’ KEEP is proud of its relationship with these manufacturers because of their long and rich history. In the past, they made garments for foreign dignitaries and American presidents. And today, they use the same methods as were used more than a hundred years ago. TAILORS’ KEEP hopes that its customers will benefit from the same quality that made these companies great in the past.


TAILORS’ KEEP is a business built around the passion of its owners. It claims that without passion, clothing ideas are shallow. The goal of the company is to bring together the best of both old and new and educate customers along the way. Customers can book a fitting session online.

For Media Contact:
Ryan Devens, Founder
618 Washington St
San Francisco, CA 94111
Telephone: (415) 856 9736
Email: ryan@tailorskeep.com
Website: http://www.tailorskeep.com

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