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Take TAKEASY to Fall in Love with Beautiful Cherry

Take TAKEASY to Fall in Love with Beautiful Cherry

27, April 2016: TAKEASY is the first one-to-one instant live human translation app. The app supports 9 languages at present and is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store .

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Where to meet the most beautiful cherry blossom this spring?Absolutely Japan.People from all over the world will rush to Japan to see the fleeting blooms there at this time of the year.

How can we miss the Blooming Cherry Blossoms? Here is the 2016 Cherry Blossom Forecast: As a result of above-average temperatures over the past few weeks, the cherry blossoms have started opening several days earlier than average. Fukuoka was the first city to report the start of the season on March 19 and has since been followed by many of Japan’s major cities, including Tokyo on March 21 and Osaka and Kyoto on March 23.

Now that you get ready for your trip, go and see the dreamy springtime glory!

The taxi driver doesn’t know the destination you are describing.
The hotel staff can’t understand the requirement of your room.
You get lost again and it’s hard to find some person to ask the direction.
All right, you have solved those problems, although it makes you a little worried.

However,with so beautiful scenery in your eyes, you can’t just stand alone. It is the best time to make friends with people you are lucky to meet. Nobody knows about what interesting story will happen.

Yes, it is true, something just happen. You almost cannot communicate with people who speak foreign language because of the language barriers. So the chance of making friends slipped away from your hands. What a pity!

Fortunately, you can use TAKEASY, a translator app,to change everything. Takeasy is the first human translation app of the world, provides one-to-one instant translation services. You can choose the language you want to translate from over 10 languages including Spanish, Japanese, and Korean etc.

With it, you can communicate with local people by your mother language. Open TAKEASY on your phone, call our translators, they will translate what you want to translate. The problems about accommodation and asking directions will be solved easily. In addition, you can send pictures and texts to Takeasy, then when you order food,bring out your phone, take a picture for the menu with TAKEASY, you can see the menu with your mother tongue at any time. Even when you are shopping, the information of foreign goods you do not understand can also be translated by Takeasy. Many troubles can be avoided when you travel abroad.

Such a pocket APP, it is your best portable tool when travelling abroad.It can also help you surmount the language barrier when you want to make friends with foreigners. Take it with your travel, what you get will not only scenery, but stories under sakura tree.

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