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TCM Adaptogen Warehouse is a Forefront Producer and Retailer of Herbal Extract Powders

TCM Adaptogen Warehouse is a Forefront Producer and Retailer of Herbal Extract Powders

Xi’an City, China; 10, December 2016: The use of traditional Chinese medicines or TCM in short can be traced back to at least 2200BC. Herbal extracts in powdery, liquid or tablet forms have been extensively used for treating impotency, infertility, headaches, hypertension, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and even some types of cancer. This ancient therapeutic system for grappling with the symptoms of various diseases/disorders and treating the same has prevailed through the ages and continues to be used not only by the Chinese but also by individuals from other countries. TCM Adaptogen Warehouse is a well-established Chinese manufacturer and marketer of a comprehensive range of herbal extract powders and TCMs including but not limited to cordyceps, shiitake, duanwood reishi, chaga, horny goat weed, ginseng extract, and pine pollen string of extracts.

TCM Adaptogen Warehouse is a specialist producer of a series of pine pollen remedies including cell-wall cracked powder, tablet, capsule, and extract. The pollens from the pine that thrive in the province of Yunnan is China’s most fertile region in terms of flora. The pollen catkins are handpicked by workers and thereafter sterilized by microwave that keeps the ingredients intact. Both the cracked and un-cracked varieties have their own distinct colors and textures. The un-cracked pollens have their cell-wall intact which makes the absorption and assimilation of nutrition quite difficult. A pneumatic cracker is used for cracking open the tough cell-wall and consuming pollen in this form results in better digestion and intake by the body.

The pine pollen powder if it is pure will have the heady and strong aroma of the pine tree which means it is still worth consuming. On the other hand, if the same gives off a musty or fusty smell, then it implies that the powder has become stale and hence unfit for consumption. In its powdery form, the nutrients are retained which include organic compounds (plant hormones), flavonoids, vitamins A, C, E, B, B2, and B6, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, folic acid, and SOD (superoxide dismutase). SOD is actually an enzyme that plays a key role in the anti-oxidative mechanism helping the body to get rid of free radicals and the significant components include traces of manganese, copper, and zinc.

Pine pollen extract makes its way through the body via the lungs, heart, spleen, kidneys, and the lungs (as per TCM) considered as the five chief meridians. This extract offers numerous health benefits including restoring appropriate hormonal secretion levels, boosting the immune system, enhancing liver function, reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the blood, and stimulating one’s sexual life. Xi’an TCM Adaptogen Bio-tech Co., Ltd makes use of state-of-the-art fermentation, synthesis, isolation, extraction, and purification equipment along with advanced production technology for creating high-quality natural ingredients.

About Us:

TCM Adaptogen Warehouse has been producing natural and pure herbal extracts as well as Chinese herbal medicines at its plant in Xi’an City for almost a decade.

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TCM Adaptogen Warehouse
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