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TCM Adaptogen Warehouseis Providing Various Types of Health Powders Using Plant Extracts

TCM Adaptogen Warehouseis Providing Various Types of Health Powders Using Plant Extracts

China, 14, December 2016: People are now showing immense interest towards various herbal products to obtain surplus health benefits without any adverse impact upon the body. Keeping this trend into consideration, many companies are offering products of herbal and plant extracts. TCM Adaptogen Warehouse is a specialized manufacturer of high-quality health powders using different natural extracts of plants and herbs. The agency is committed to offer maximum level of customer satisfaction without compromising quality. It utilizes latest extraction, isolation, purification, synthesis, fermentation equipment and technology to offer products that help to achieve robust and sound health with no harmful effects on the body.

The company is a dedicated supplier of Tongkat Ali extract powder that contains anti-oxidant properties, a high-level of Superoxide Dimutase, an anti-oxidant enzyme. Research has shown that this extract can support healthy testosterone levels required for the male sexual functions. The extract also supports healthy sexual organs and mental alertness. It comes with other potential health benefits that include improve sexual performance, increase muscle mass, decrease body fat and stress etc. It contains the effective ingredient that works by blocking the negative feedback, cycle that occurs when the natural level of testosterone reaches at its natural peak. The company observes stringent quality control supervision in every stage of production to provide the most reliable health-friendly products in the market.

Recent studies indicate that Tongkat Ali powder contains several compounds including beta-carboline alkaloids and quassinoid-type glycosides, including eurycomaoside. Treatment with this root powder can significantly reduce ejaculation latencies, and also increases the percentage of mounting and ejaculating animals. For keeping the herbal extracts powders in good conditions, the company arrives with special packing area, common storage area, and refrigerated storage area under the supervision of professional logistics personnel. The agency ensures timely delivery of products by utilizing fastest shipping options of DHL, UPS, EMS, FedEx, etc. Each and every aspect of the production workshop of this company is strictly in compliance with the GMP standard.

The company provides superior-grade Eurycoma Longifolia extract powder which has been traditionally used as a tonic to enhance energy with other valuable health benefits. This powder extract reduced body fat, increased muscle mass, maximizes psychological vigor, and provides other therapeutic benefits. This extract contains a group of small peptides that are commonly referred to as ‘eurypeptides’ that are known to have effects in improving energy status and sexual urge of rodents. All the herbal extracts products of this company completely address the distinct requirements of global customers.

About Xi’an TCM Adaptogen Warehouse

TCM Adaptogen Warehouse is an experienced manufacturer of herbal extracts powders. The firm always utilizes latest technology and equipment to obtain products containing surplus health benefits. To know more, customers can visit website of this company.

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