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TEControl Launches BBC: the New USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller

TEControl Launches BBC: the New USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller

Following numerous requests, TEControl is pleased to announce the release of its BBC, the new USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller. They have added a bite sensor to their best-selling Breath Controller that is used by musicians all over the world. The product adds another dimension to Breath Control as it allows composers and musicians achieve outstanding realism in their performance when utilizing computer-based virtual instruments. The product is available for immediate purchase on TEControl official website.

The BBC is fully USB-MIDI class compliant and works out-of-the-box with both Mac and Windows computers and other class compliant hosts like Korg Kronos. The USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller is delivered with a configuration utility that works on Mac and Windows allowing users with independent and easy parameter settings like sensitivity curve, input/output range, attack/decay response, MIDI Channel, MIDI CC, Aftertouch, and Pitch bend. With a Bite Sensor integrated in the mouthpiece, sensing lip pressure, it is now possible to control two parameters of user’s virtual instrument, e.g. expression/vibrato or expression/pitch.

The BBC is the only one of its kind on the market and gives you two controllers in one. It is sensitive to breath pressure and lip bite force and is engineered with configurable software allowing total flexibility. It enables users to save and upload their presets and it has full resolution for entire input ranges. Its firmware is also upgradable for future enhancements.

The product is a great aid for tedious MIDI CC editing with its great features. It helps modify expression and results in lifelike and dynamic performance that is not achievable without the use of integrated tools, helping users increase their productivity at work.

TEControl continues to upgrade its product line to cater for the growing demand of its customers for technology based real-time computer applications. The USB MIDI Breath & Bite Controller is available for purchase at for 189, 99 EUR.

Know more about the company and its new MIDI Breath and Bite Controller by visiting its official web store at . For inquiries, email at


“Your USB MIDI Breath Controller totally has “The expression”. It’s the controller I have been looking for many years. You’ve created a beautiful controller and I know I will have many hours of enjoyment with it in the years to come. It has given SOUL to my music. It is worth EVERY penny and more! Thanks for this great little portable breath controller. What a wonderful instrument.” – Harpreet Khurana Muzik Station

“The TEControl USB MIDI Breath Controller has saved me countless hours of tedious MIDI CC editing. Recording wind parts while using the Breath Controller to modify expression results in a dynamic and lifelike performance, to a degree that would not be achievable otherwise. Not only does it increase productivity, but it results in better sounding mockups as well.” – Toby Sherrif, Composer, Orchestrator, Software Developer

Company: TEControl
Address: Trelleborg, Sweden

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