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Telling the performance of the Nike Zoom Kobe 8 basketball shoes

Telling the performance of the Nike Zoom Kobe 8 basketball shoes

America – Nike Zoom Kobe 8 can be said to be the most technical technology Nike Zoom Kobe series basketball shoes, which focused on the advantages of speed, stability and versatility. This shoe brings with people the high performance and innovative features and then creates the lightest and most quality Nike Shoes basketball shoes. The weight of this shoe is only 9.6 ounces. As the introduction of the editor from famous Kobe 8 and Lebron 10 online seller , the project charger of the Head Nike Zoom Kobe 8 is Eric Avar who is the Nike creative director and he had worked closely with the Kobe Bryant and his team. He understands that Kobe Bryant hopes to extend his own with a pair of shoes that have great performances such as the fast and stability.

Kobe Bryant said:” The game improvement is all for me and I would like to do our best to achieve this goal. That is why I hope my shoes are the best whether it is for me or other players who also chose the related basketball shoes. By reducing the height and weight, my new shoes make me become so fast and fully control the match speed as soon as possible. I think that my speed on the playing ground is just like the speed of the light. I love this feeling!¡±

After the adoption of the views of Bryant, the design team bold used the innovation woven mesh material-Engineered Mesh for the first time. The Shoes 90% full coverage of mesh material on this shoe could help to create very perfectly foot fitting feeling. On the other hand, the ultimate light and 360-degree breathable feature also provides all the flexibility required to bend the foot. In addition, the synthetic knitted seamless body of the shoe tongue could provide each wearer for the enough force in the fierce competition.

“Each people around the world always want to know why Air Jordan Shoes is faster, more compact and more stylish that other sorts of basketball shoes.” Avar explains, “Kobe is so fearless, aggressive and passionate. Cooperation with him could let us go on endlessly and creating the beautiful future forever.¡±

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