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The 4 Top Early Year Corporate Buffet Catering Savings Tips

The 4 Top Early Year Corporate Buffet Catering Savings Tips

Many of us may be thinking this is a little too early to consider especially following a big festive season spending spree. The spending hangover has hardly worn off after all. But for those that are savvy with keen eye for savings, this is about the right time that you will if you want to get great savings on the years buffet catering be it for one off events like an upcoming wedding or regular sandwich delivery, Marquee or Catering Equipment hire service to your office, home or other venue. So when you will need a caterer, for a wedding, business event, birthday party, kids’ party, anniversary or other event; many caterers will normally have set menus ready to order off. While these may seem attractive to many for their convenience, this time of season in the best time for a cut price buffet service for those intent on seeking a competitive quote out there.

The main benefit of hiring a quality buffet caterer early in the year, is that you save time to concentrate on the other important aspects of your event, such as actually engaging with your guests and partners when the event day comes around. Besides the time savings, starting any search and discussions early with your preferred caterers can be a great opportunity for you and your caterers to work together all the way to take the pressure of organising party food off your hands later while delivering the very best food from locally sourced produce.

1. Book ahead of February
This season as a tradition comes with a lot of seasonal with lower prices. For anyone out there thinking about an upcoming event catering, or simply planning out the year ahead in regards to family or business events, Caterers say this is the best time if you want to save big on Catering. First and foremost, you can also set your bookings in diary right now and not only enjoy huge savings for your later buffet but also avoid deadline day and last minute disappointments.
“Because many businesses will be planning end of financial year accounts, many have a lot of wiggle in their budgets or indeed simply getting ready for the year ahead” Joas Serugga, CEO of Quick Buffet, says. “As a result, there are many caterers that will be beginning to fill up their diaries with corporate buffets orders or bookings ahead of the Valentine’s Day”. It just makes sense that getting that booking in time can in addition to some savings help you down the road with a firm booking especially from quality corporate caterers.

2. Opportunity in Low Seasonal Demand
Unlike many other sectors where last minute bookings could get you a good deal, catering tends to be the opposite. A Last minute quote could set you back £100s, so experts advise early booking if you are after any savings. It not only helps the caterer plan early, but it also benefits if they can fit in you catering needs into any promotions if they can readily anticipate them.

What makes this time round rather different however is a combination of many factors, some of which include the general economy; the good economic news continue to come out with record low inflation and low pump prices all combining for a great domino effect. Catering supplier prices are customary depressed in this part of the year anyway which all in combination leads to great seasonal deals and promotions at this time of year with suppliers. . Additionally, the low seasonal supply prices mean in season produce will be even better priced. This means for anyone with an in season event, this is a great opportunity to get a great deal on catering.

3. Opportunities from cheaper Caterer Quotes
What many may not know is that for caterers, the early part of the year is an opportunity to set an early marker for the rest of the year. Many caterers will be offering unusually good discounts on buffet catering right now. This makes it an unusually great time to get in that best quote. If your buffet is just round the corner this will be for the most part a very appealing time.

“January and February are traditionally good months for a buffet deal anyway” Joas Says. Now is the time to book ahead of Valentine’s Day in February and follow on events in the annual calendar not least the start of the financial year.
An anonymous survey for Quick Buffet the online buffet catering quote service in the U.K. last year found that 60% of caterers are willing to offer as much as 20% off normal buffet prices to try to bolster early takings. This can represent a massive £1200 off an average wedding buffet of 150 guests. That sort of buffet can represent a full on 3 course hot buffet service that surely is set to wow your guests but at a much less cost. The in season advice for customers is to insist on a hot buffet from your catering company if you will have your event soon. But if it will come a little later when the sun is out (fingers crossed), an outdoor BBQ option will be ideal. The options are endless only limited by time and imagination so ask for multiple menu proposals and quotes from your caterers when you call for a quote.

This is a rather great window to get a very good advance quote, Joas Says. There doesn’t normally come a time in the annual calendar better than this but this is a rather special time.

4. Importance of How you hire a Caterer
As mentioned before, you have the choice of buying straight off caterers menus or simply post a catering buffet quote request using the many online buffet catering quoting services such as Quick Buffet or Quote My Catering to receive proposals from multiple caterers.

Posting a catering job is an ideal way if you are at early stage of buffet planning and simply looking for ideas for your event buffet whereas if you know already what you will want, caterers set menus offer a quick choice for convenience. Communicating with your caterers ensures you get the best of both worlds when you order from menus.

When you use the quoting services, it’s essential that you provide as much information as possible so as to get the highest quality proposals as possible. Ensure you provide all the basic information such as expected guest numbers, venue of event, any special dietary requirements or considerations, a budget if you have one in mind and even sundry considerations such as parking availability to help inform caterers quoting process. This information can help mitigate any future surcharges that you may not have planned for.

You can communicate with your caterers and when you are happy with a proposal(s), go ahead and make a contract so everything is set in stone and all obligations and responsibilities are clear to both parties. Make use of consumer protections like money back guarantees if available.

Hose the most convenient payment options for you like cash on delivery or and payment.

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