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The Aftermath of the Flood: Dealing with Severe Mold Problems as Residents Try to Rehabilitate

The Aftermath of the Flood: Dealing with Severe Mold Problems as Residents Try to Rehabilitate

The recent spate of rain throughout all parts of the United States, and elsewhere across the globe, has led to disastrous consequences such as floods. Both public and private property has been affected by climactic calamities, but for most people, it has led to more immediate problems such as mold growth and the associated health issue it leaves in its wake.

New York, July 06, 2015 — Just a fortnight ago, extensive floods in the Greene County resulted in an estimated net damage of around $333,700. The impact of the flooding was most severe for four unfortunate home owners, causing them severe damage. Livestock, bridges, golf courses, and water bodies were all affected in the process, leading to a widespread sense of devastation throughout the state.

Many homes were affected by the damp and cold weather, which almost inevitably means a growth of mold in seen and hidden areas of houses. Floods almost always mean that a mold infestation is just round the corner, and once it takes root, there’s no saving you. Most home owners therefore try to press the button or select avenues to take such as clearing out the flood (or even rain) water collected in their basements, attics, or any susceptible parts of the house.

Considering that mold can have long-term adverse effects on your house and your health, it is essential to control the problem right at the onset: and unlike companies that treat your house with toxic elements, Safe Mold Solutions can provide some holistic and completely safe solutions for your health and safety.

The entire process incorporates steps such as the removal of water, drying out of affected areas, removal or drying of the affected walls, etc. However, the general public is hardly equipped to completely ozonize and kill the bacteria accumulating in these flood-affected homes.

The city of Grapevine recently faced a series of floods, and its parks and recreational facilities are still submerged. The campground cabins, which were movable, were just about saved from the flood by this very property, but the dampness continues to afflict other facilities in the region. Such widespread flooding deserves special treatment, and it’s always best to call in the professionals.

These days, it’s easy to hire contractors but most of them do not have adequate expertise, experience, or knowledge of toxic materials. Safemoldsolutions.com, on the other hand, is a secure destination for all those looking to rid their homes of mold.
Providing solutions for the attics, basement, and crawl-space mold removal, the company provides a secure treatment method that incorporates ozone therapy for your home. The five-step mold removal system combined with an ozone treatment ensures there’s a complete removal of mold, including spores, for at least seven-years of guaranteed, mold-free habitation.

About Safe Mold Solutions: www.safemoldsolutions.com is an enterprise conceptualized and guided by Charles Boday, safemoldsolutions@gmail.com , c/o 55 South Main St., Oberlin Ohio a National leading expert in the mold removal industry. Charles is the Author of Got Mold Now What? A Basic Guide to Understanding and Correcting Mold in Your Home and the DIY All Natural Mold Removal System By revolutionizing the way the world looks at and treats mold, the company offers customized and non-toxic treatments for the removal and remediation of it from your home, Nationwide. There’s even a Lifetime No-Mold guarantee, which just speaks about how confident Safe Mold is about the effectiveness of their solutions. 800-948-4947 or buy an ozone generator at www.ozonegenerator20000.com

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