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The Algarve: One of 2015’s Top Destinations for British Holidaymakers

The Algarve: One of 2015’s Top Destinations for British Holidaymakers

03, October 2015: As the summer of 2015 draws to a close, it’s been another spectacular year for The Algarve’s thriving tourist industry. Huge numbers of Britons have chosen to spend their summer holidays in Portugal in this stunning region, and experts in the travel industry say it’s with good reason.

An Accessible Destination

With the low cost of visiting the region, due of the rise of budget airlines and the availability of cheap family travel insurance, The Algarve has become more accessible than ever before. Renowned travel insurance specialists InsureMore offered the following statement: “The Algarve really is a wonderful place to visit, and it’s not hard to get well-priced flights there. When you round off the package with cheap family travel insurance, you start to see why so many Britons choose to bring their families to the Algarve for the summer.”

A Host of Attractions

Travel experts say The Algarve is most famous for its golf, and the region’s famous courses with their stunning mountain and ocean backdrops make for a great place to sink a few holes. There’s also a wealth of other activities available: the Algarve’s rocky coastline makes for some truly amazing dives (including a multitude of famous shipwrecks), plus there are vast numbers of caves to explore.

These activities are popular with all the family, as adults enjoy the spectacle of seeing a hidden cave or decaying shipwreck, while the adventure and mystery of such things also sets children’s imagination racing.

In addition to the coastline exploration opportunities, there is a host of water parks and other attractions, many of which especially appeal to children: including water parks, zoos, a paintball park and even a sand sculpture garden.

Those considering a visit to The Algarve will find a broad array of travel and accommodation options to the region, as well as cheap family travel insurance packages.

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