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The ALUM Case Is Now On a Crowdfunding Campaign on IndieGoGo

The ALUM Case Is Now On a Crowdfunding Campaign on IndieGoGo

18, December 2015: The ALUM Case has been launched today as a new crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. This is the globe’s first case that is made of aluminum designed to be used for the Apple Pencil. It is light, stylish and strong.

According to the creators of this product, the ALUM Case is the hexagonal and solid aluminum case for Apple Pencil that has been crafted and designed to resemble the graphite pencils loved and appreciated by people. They selected aluminum for the reason that it is light and strong.

Its hexagonal shape is giving support to users’ hands if they pick this up and it also helps in keeping the case itself from moving away once users lay it down. It is suitable to be used in keeping the Apple Pencil secured and like new while it still allows users to draw and write easily. The developers of this product said that they appreciate the use of durable aluminum in the products of Apple and they want to bring a similar feel and look to Apple Pencil. They will craft the ALUM Case from high quality, solid 6000 series aluminum stock which would undergo the process of anodization in order to make sure that the series is resistant to scratches as well as the other corrosive elements like sweat. Anodization will also let them to supply this product in different colors such as grey, silver and gold so that users will be able to find a perfect match for their gadget. They used CNC machining which permits them to fabricate this case to strongly specified tolerances, allowing the Apple Pencil to have that per fect and ideal snug fit whilst keeping it easy to slip on or off. Every piece has been individually turned in the CNC lathe prior the sand blasting. Throughout the process of sandblasting, special care would be taken in order to smooth out the inner barrel surfaces to ensure that it is free from imperfections like burrs. The taper of this ALUM Case would be hand polished into a perfect mirror finish prior the anodization process for color and protection.

The manager of this crowdfunding campaign hopes that everyone will support this project. Every amount will be appreciated for the success of this project.

The ALUM Case is a special tool that is designed to provide protection and to keep the elegance of Apple Pencil. This product is currently featured as a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.

To learn more about The ALUM Case, please feel free to visit

For Media Contact:
Contact: Ho hungju
Company: Ho Design studio.
Address: 3F., No.32, Yanji St., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan
Telephone: +886930962935

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