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The Amplifires Release Latest Album – Life’s A Gamble

The Amplifires Release Latest Album – Life’s A Gamble

The Amplifires set to release latest album – Life’s A Gamble – on Coffee Jingle Records on December 22nd. The album is currently available for pre-order on ITunes.

Matlock, Derbyshire, UK, December 16, 2014 — The Amplifires are excited to announce the release of their highly anticipated new album, “Life’s A Gamble,” on Monday, December 22, 2014. A rapidly growing following on social media across Europe and other territories in the wake of new material heralds a sonic attack on Europe. The immensely positive response to the news of the release is evidenced on all social media sites as well as ReverbNation, where The Amplifires’ presence in the ‘Alternative’ genre Top Ten has been re-established.

Steve Rawlinson, Amplifires’ guitarist said, “With the imminent release of the new album we are excited by the prospect of playing dates in Northern Europe during the festival season in 2015, and we are currently talking to promoters in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany as well as setting up a UK tour. It’s a bit of a gamble, but hey, isn’t that what life is about!”

In 2009 The Amplifires took an earlier gamble and embarked on a series of 14 gigs in the USA East Coast tri-state area which took them across the states of Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania. Steve added “It was great, we played a headline tour including Buffalo, Brooklyn, Albany and Pittsburgh, and loads more – the highlight was playing in the Masonic Lodge on Elm Street in Potsdam in NY state, that was the building, street and town that gave Wes Craven the inspiration for a ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’; for us it was anything but. We played to a full house who went absolutely mad and made us do a 40 minute encore!”

The newest venture will be released under Coffee Jingle Records and is currently available for pre-order on ITunes. The Amplifires are currently booking dates for 2015 and beyond in the UK and throughout Europe. Promoters and media are invited to contact Coffee Jingle Records for interest and potential bookings.

About The Amplifires:
Formed in 2005 The Amplifires have made a journey from writing and playing short punk influenced songs, fuelled by guitar, driven by drums and featuring melody to a mature musical outing consolidating their influences into a distinctive ‘Amplifires’ sound. Compared variously to Sandy Denny, Janis Joplin and Grace Slick, Sharon Clancy fronts the musical face of the band with effortless vocal performances that transform the traditional guitar/drum/bass line-up into a force to be reckoned with. The rest of the band’s complement – David Brunt – Bass; Sandy Mitchel – Drums; Steve Rawlinson – Guitar; draw from influences as diverse as punk, power pop and progressive rock.


Martin Wake
Coffee Jingle Records
Portsmouth, Hampshire PO3 5,
England, United Kingdom

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