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The B2B Champions of South Africa

The B2B Champions of South Africa

The world of telecommunication service providers is pretty vast, and thus, the competition in this field is huge. Every telecom company tries it’s best to up their game at every waking moment, in order to surpass the returns of their rivals. However, here’s one firm that is difficult to rival by any standards, and that is THUSANO Group. It boasts of being one of the foremost converged telecom solutions to big Corporates and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), belonging to every kind of industry that there is.  It also holds the prestigious distinction of being the only ever ‘certified NEC Platinum partner’ in South Africa. Claiming over more than ten years of experience in the telecommunications field, it is able to provide the most insightful solutions to any kind of industry, regardless of size and capital. Its strength of 57 qualified and experienced staff members, ranging from accountants and technicians to zone managers, gives it the ability to deliver on its promises.

Its products include: NEC PABX, Toshiba Printers, CCTV cameras, Biometric scanning systems, LGRs, GSMs and many more.

B2B telecommunication has quite a bright future. Unlike in the past, when communications between businesses was limited to telephone and computer networks, B2B has now expanded to include functions such as video conferencing and sharing of large files in between companies. Thus, they have successfully brought people back to inter-business telecom procedures which, owing to their previous low-grain interfaces and low camera resolutions, had turned many people off them. Modern-day revamped telecommunication systems have encouraged the virtual world to become more integrated and synchronised, by enabling fast inter-network file-sharing services, which have all but revolusioned the internet. It has also given rise to a term which is known as “cloud computing”, which have brought remote servers to the forefront of affairs.

To sum up, it could be said that smart, upgraded B2B solutions are here to stay, and companies such as Thusano Group are showing the way. In case, this description has piqued your interest and you would like to know more, then visit:

Thusano  Group is a fast-growing firm which deals in business-to-business telecommunications. Operational in three cities—Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban; Thusano Group has been winning hearts and trust with its super-effective integrated B2B solutions.

2 Roos st ,Fourways
Phone: 011 462 1153
Fax: 086 668 5445

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