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The basic function of the two-dimensional CAD

The basic function of the two-dimensional CAD

America – Today, the famous CAD software online supplier will tell you the basically function of the commonly used CAD software. Please carefully read the information below.


The CAD software could help to create the straight line, circle, ellipse, polygon ring (regular polygons), splines and other basic graphic objects in a variety of ways. This function is very helpful for each machine engineer to create new products.

Drawing aids

In general, each version of free cad provides orthogonal, object snap, polar tracking, capture tracing and other drawing aids. Orthogonal function could help users easily draw a horizontal and vertical line. The function of the objects capturing could help to pick up the points on special geometric objects. On the other hand, the tracking capabilities make hatched in different directions and locate points become easier.

Edit Graphic

It is indeed that the CAD has powerful graphics editing functions. By the help of this software, each user could move, copy, rotate, array, stretch, extend, trim and scaling any objects. It is really convenience for each engineer who want to create new components.

Dimension locating

In this software, people can create many types of dimensions and the annotations can be by users¡¯ own appearance.

Words Typing

In this software, people could can easily write words at anywhere in the graph in any direction. On the other hand, users could also set the text font, tilt angle, width scaling and other attributes.

Graphics Layers Management function

In the cad software files, the graphical objects are all located on one layer and then users could set the object color, line style, width and other characteristics.

Three-dimensional mapping

By the help of the cad download , people can create 3D solid and surface models which could be easily edited by each operator.

Network function

The finished graphics could be published on the web. On the other hand, if people want to find more CAD resources, they could also use this function to find the related resources as soon as possible.

Data exchange

The CAD software offers with each user a variety of graphic image data exchanging function and the corresponding commands.

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