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The Best, Better Than the Rest: Data Entry India

The Best, Better Than the Rest: Data Entry India

Data Entry India is one of the biggest offshore outsourcing companies to operate from within India. They are famed for providing data entry outsourcing services. In other words, they are a firm to who you can delegate all of your firm’s lowly clerical jobs. Data entry is a tedious and time-consuming task, and one can very well become overcome with fatigue in the course of carrying out this dragging job. Also, data entry operations done manually cost firms a lot, and hence, it is not surprising that firms, especially the ones which are small or start-up firms, hesitate to hire people for the sole purpose of getting the data entry job done. And the answer to their problem lies in outsourcing. And, this is where firm such as Data Entry India are scoring; and they are scoring big.

DEI provides speedy typing, and quality-controlled data entry, processing and management services.  The formats and methods of data entry are varied: Excel, Word, Acrobat, Access, HTML, XML, ASCII, TXT (text) and lots more. Performing data entry in live databases online is also a part of their service profile.

Their list of clients is long; and they include all types of companies in their “to serve” list. They cater to Real estate, e-commerce, insurance, transport, publication, mortgage, manufacturing, human resource and almost every other kind of company and business that there is. They record data in both online and offline mode (both online and offline data entry), do data entry in PDF format and are even open to the manual, handwritten variety of data recording. Apart from these, in their list of services are included questionnaire data entry, image data entry, cart data entry, excel data entry and numerous other types and forms of data entry. Nothing is too big or small for their shoes, you see.

On their “about outsourcing page”, you can see that they pledge to provide a client with: cheap services, easy management, domain expertise, expansion capability and value added outsourcing services.

Go to their “quality control” page and you see that they’ve clearly outlined the manner in which they ensure that the integrity of the data is completely maintained and no scope for any error or mix-up can occur. They make sure to check all the processes in a cyclical manner, so as to avoid any goof-ups. For more, visit:

Data Entry India is an esteemed offshore data entry outsource company. It is one of the best of its kind located in India.

204 Atlantis Enclave
Opp Maruti Row House,
Nr. Subhash Chowk,
Memnagar, Ahmedabad,
380052, Gujarat, India

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