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The business of purchase agent has very big increasing in Brazil market

The business of purchase agent has very big increasing in Brazil market

America – Affected by the rising of the domestic purchasing prices, Brazilians begin to purchase their daily consuming products from Alibaba. Now, there are many agents such as promotes their business into Brazil.

By the help of the data from the professional analytics company, there were more than 12 million times¡¯ entering to the agent site by Brazilians. This number is the equivalent to 3 times of the viewing into the ebay official website.

Some industry insiders said that the Brazilian have more desire for cheap goods as well as the growing number of Internet users in Brazil. This good situation is a good opportunity for those purchase agent . Alibaba official also said that the Brazilian market help Alibaba international achieve the retail business growing by 139 percent.

The 22-year-old bank employee Dennis Coelho recently spent 8 dollars to purchase one jacket through the buying agent. The freight fee is less than 43 cents and the arrival will takes about 60 days. She said that he only have 45 dollars per month to purchase clothes and she never though that the price of clothes on buying agent is such cheap.

However, Alibaba agents¡¯ development in Brazil is not without obstacles. For example, the if the price of overseas parcels which sent to Brazil is more than 50 US dollars, the government will add up to 60 percent levy tariffs. Alibaba official said that this Brazilian aspect may let Alibaba business in this market become complex.

A spokesman of Brazil Post and telecommunications companies said that his company is working to test the new system and the tax authorities to make customs clearance become more convenient. This will let the Alibaba purchasing agent¡¯s business become more convenient.

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