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The Coffee Co- Your Partner in the Ultimate Coffee Experience

The Coffee Co- Your Partner in the Ultimate Coffee Experience

If your workplace is in need of high quality coffee machines and products for the ultimate satisfaction of employees when it comes to that five minute coffee break, The Coffee Co is just the right place for you. The price is just a fraction of what beverage shops offer and there is absolutely no compromise on quality. Be it coffee-shop quality machines or high quality consumables, The Coffee Co provides it all and is one of the leading manufacturers when coffee companies in South Africa are taken into consideration.

The best products of The Coffee Co include automatic coffee vending machines, cappuccino topping, hot chocolate, instant tea and coffee beans like Espresso Antiqua and Deluxe beans, Java Reserve beans, African Gold beans, Mellow Mocha beans and filter or plunger grind. Other products include milk powder topping, tea, sugar sachets and Rooibos. It also is one of the best coffee vending machine suppliers in South Africa. The coffee products are self made by The Coffee Co, with the aid of coffee imported from a wide range of countries like Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, India and Ecuador. For security and satisfaction of the customers, maintenance agreement terms for the machines for a period of three years are provided and a service agreement of thirty six months with the respected company is signed.

If you want to contact The Coffee Co, it is possible through telephone, fax and mailing services. Also, a target oriented contact form is available on their website Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube for receiving the latest updates on their products and services. Visit their website for further information.

About The Coffee Co
The Coffee Co is a firm in the beverage industry which, over the years, has successfully created a range of hot-beverage vending solutions for a wider range of companies- small, medium and large scale. The products manufactured by The Coffee Co are made based on designs close to professional models, such that the customer gets to experience the perfect taste. It also provides consumables like coffee products, tea and hot chocolate. Services and products of The Coffee Co are available throughout the length and breadth of South Africa.

Unit 5, Dundas Park
23b Junction Rd
Parow Industria
Cape Town

Tel: 021 951 1277
Fax: 021 951 1176

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