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The Future of Saudi Arabia Banking Markets

The Future of Saudi Arabia Banking Markets

Saudi Arabia banking market outlook report from provides comprehensive analysis, trends, drivers and challenges of operating or expanding into the market.

The uniqueness of the report lies in profitability analysis and comparison with peer markets among others. Profitability analysis is made along 4 key pillars including key metrics, risk factors, productivity and asset usage efficiency. More than 20 key ratios are analyzed and incorporated in the premium research work. Further, interviews with industry experts strengthen the research and analysis on Saudi Arabia commercial banking report. Incorporating buyers’ suggestions and feedback, the 2016 Q3 version is more improved and user friendly.

Banking industry in Saudi Arabia witnessed a (surge) in total assets at 2,209 Saudi Arabia Riyal in Billions as of 2015, with a large portion of this coming from deposits. Over the forecast period, policy changes initiated by central bank of Saudi Arabia, NPA handling, Base norms (CRAR) and growth in other financial markets will be the key factors for profitability and future strategies of banks including overseas expansion of banks. Further, financial inclusion, economic growth (GDP and GDP Per Capital) will also play a key role in shaping the future of Saudi Arabia commercial banking sector.

The research work also provides detailed market structure based on size, profitability, deposits and loans of leading banks in the country. In addition, detailed SWOT and financial analysis of five leading banks is included. Recent developments and transactions in the industry are also analyzed in the Saudi Arabia report.

Saudi Arabia Banking Market

– Analysis through 20+ key Ratios
– Period- from 2005 to 2020
– Profitability Analysis of Saudi Arabia and peer markets
– Trends, drivers and challenges
– Credit analysis
– Economic analysis and outlook of Saudi Arabia and Region
– Analysis of leading five players in the industry

Reasons to Purchase
– To get detailed analysis of Saudi Arabia banking industry based on key financial metrics and ratios
– Identify trends and developments across the country’s banking sector
– Make strategic decisions based on evaluation and outlook of Saudi Arabia banking sector
– Get a critical analysis of competitors based on performance metrics
– Identify most profitable markets in the current economic conditions
– Get insights into best practices of top performers in the country and worldwide

Table of Contents
1. Saudi Arabia Commercial Banking Overview
2. Drivers and Challenges of Saudi Arabia Banking Sector
3. Outlook of Commercial Banking Industry in Saudi Arabia
4. Profitability Analysis- Benchmark with Peer Countries
5. Credit Quality Analysis of Saudi Arabia Commercial Banks
6. Saudi Arabia Economic Analysis and Outlook
7. Market Structure
8. Business Profiles of Leading Banks in Saudi Arabia
9. Recent Developments in Saudi Arabia Commercial Banking Sector
10. Appendix

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