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The Going Green Film Festival Los Angeles Announces Its Official Selections For 2015

The Going Green Film Festival Los Angeles Announces Its Official Selections For 2015

Los Angeles, CA — The Going Green Film Festival is proud to announce the official selections for 2015. The 24 films were selected from over 271 film submissions.

“We’re very excited at quality of films and the variety of countries represented,” states festival founder Patrice Williams. “Selected films include animations, documentaries, dramas and comedies.”

They Are:

Alegria – A Humanitarian Expedition; Submitted by Christoph von Toggenburg (Switzerland)

A Lobster Tale; Submitted by Michael McGuire (USA)

The Blue Marble Of Joys And Sorrows; Paolo Pizzi (USA)

The Distant Touch; Submitted by Jun Chen (Unknown Country of Origin)

Dreams of the Last Butterflies; Submitted by Zina Brown (USA)

Drown the Alarm; Submitted by Mitchell Klebanoff (USA)

Green Filmmaking; Submitted by John Gormley (Ireland)

Growing Local; Submitted by Bridget Besaw (USA)

House of Straw: 10 Years Later; Submitted by Heidi Snel (Germany)

ICARUS – Casting from the Clouds; Submitted by David Ondaatje (Unknown Country of Origin)

Indigo; Submitted by John Smith (USA)

Invasion of the Giant Tortoises; Submitted by Theo Lipfert (USA)

La Fresquera’s Community; Submitted by Alex Ruiz (Spain)

My Homeland; Submitted by Rodrigo Jardon (USA)

Pretty Good Friends; Submitted by Sophie Townsend (Australia)

Ryde Share; Submitted by Sethward Allison (USA)

Sea Legend; Submitted by Anica Maruhn (Germany)

Soil, Struggle and Justice: Agroecology in the Brazilian Landless Movement; Submitted By Andreas Hernandez (Brazil)

The Spinster; Submitted by Kristin Tieche (USA)

Sustain San Diego; Submitted by Lisa Bruhn (USA)

Table Manners; Submitted by Rebecca Manley (United Kingdom)

Tales of the Sand; Submitted by Elodie Turpin (Spain)

Water and Cooperation, Reflections for a new time; Submitted by João Amorim (Unknown Country of Origin)

Yolanda’s Got Talent; Submitted by Jamal Daood (Malaysia)

The Going Green Film Festival will transmit the selected films through their public Roku channel April 1-30, 2015. Films will be free to view.

The Going Green Film Festival launched in 2010 as a way to encourage and reward green filmmaking , as well as educate filmmakers on the necessity of lowering their carbon footprint on this planet.

The Going Green Film Festival is a fundraiser for the Minorities in Broadcasting Training Program .

Going Green Film Festival
PO Box 67132
Century City, CA 90067

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