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The International Court For Racial Justice Sets out to Right Grave Historical Injustice

The International Court For Racial Justice Sets out to Right Grave Historical Injustice

Founder and former Green Beret Dr. Samuel Evans is a man on a mission: Obtaining reparations worth $ 1.2 trillion for the African American community in lieu of their economic contributions in the era of slavery. Highly impressed with the Indian governments’ affirmative action towards the historically oppressed.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA, August 26, 2015 — The horrors perpetrated by slavery in pre civil war United States are a historical fact, researched and documented by historians. While all agree that the whole concept of enslavement of fellow human beings is morally repugnant and contrary to every tenet of the US declaration of Independence document and the fact that the US went through a civil war to right this terrible wrong, the issue is yet to find closure.

The impact of slavery continues to this day, and has in fact not even begun to be fully understood in all seriousness. Before one attempts to begin to understand every nuance of this ghastly human tragedy, one must understand one basic premise-the prosperity, wealth and preeminent status of the United States was built brick by brick by the millions of African-American slaves who toiled for many centuries across vast plantations and got nothing more than the right to barely exist in return.

This in effect means that an economic debt or reparations are due to the African- American people. The value of this sum has been calculated at $1.2 trillion, based on 222 million man-hours of unpaid labor, by conservative estimates. According to Dr. Samuel Evans one of the founders of the International Court For Racial Justice, an organization dedicated to addressing issues related to slavery, racism, dignity and fairness, “We believe that to heal the deep wounds and racial divisions caused by slavery, it is necessary to determine a fair and just amount of reparations. Achieving this will require an investment of time, great resources and the dedication of many people.”

To this effect, Dr. Evans spends most of his time advocating the cause and moving in the direction of obtaining long denied justice to not just the African-American people, but to similarly affected people all over the world.  He has in particular been greatly impressed by the way that independent India has used affirmative action to reach justice as well hope to the victims of the caste system.

Says Dr. Evans, “I am highly impressed at the way that the various Indian governments have used affirmative action to obtain both justice and parity with everybody else in the country. Considering India’s old connection with the civil rights struggle, with Martin Luther King considering Gandhi his guru, I am sure that our present cause will find resonance with the Indian people.”

About Dr. Samuel Evans:
Dr. Samuel Evans’ educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Education from West Virginia University and law degree from John Marshall Law School. He has served two tours in Vietnam where he received the Bronze Star with an oak leaf cluster as a Captain in the Green Berets.

Dr Evans has spent 4 decades working to help others. From his work with Boy Scouts to his government work with the Department of Treasury and Equal Opportunity program to his work as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Evans-Carter International Inc, Dr Evans has dedicated himself to the service of the community.

Especially he has advocated for and served the people entangled in the cage of slavery and debt bondage around the world through sustainable community development. He is committed to Equality, Human Rights and One World Human Philosophy and this has been instrumental in paving the way for the creation of ICRJ.

Dr Evans is also an avid traveler and writer. He has earned a long list of honors and awards. These include being honored by Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush for his efforts in public service. He has been honored by the Governor of Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and South Carolina. The United States Congress has honored him for his public service work.

For Media Details Please Contact: Vipin Labroo, Communications Consultant, Top Inspiration PR,; 9873981975.

Vipin Labroo
International Court for Racial Justice, Inc.
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Atlanta, GA 30308

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