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The Key to Making Money on Craigslist rockets to #1 on

The Key to Making Money on Craigslist rockets to #1 on

Austin, TX – Since its launch in December 2014, The Key to Making Money on Craigslist by online entrepreneur Steven Fies has reached #1 on across multiple book categories, including business and money, technology, online trading, and more. In just the last few days, the book has been downloaded over 3,000 times and customers are agreeing across the board, The Key to Making Money on Craigslist provides readers with rock-solid advice on earning significant additional income.

Most recently, one customer used a tip in Fies’ book to acquire a free library of law books valued at $13,000. “I bought [this] book because I was interested in making a few dollars in what little spare time I had,” Brett Gunther, a verified customer on says. “Without Steve’s book I would never have considered checking Craigslist or taken the time to email the poster, but Steve inspired me to not be afraid of taking a chance on a long shot! This is the result!”

To buy Fies’ book or learn more about it, visit now .

Throughout his book, Fies breaks down simple strategies to maximize time spent browsing Craigslist, and reveals to readers how he easily did more than $20,000 in sales and earned a $6,000 profit over the course of one year on Craigslist, spending no more than a few hours per week.

“With The Key to Making Money on Craigslist, my goal was to take the functional, profit-generating system in my head and package it into a book that anyone could pick up and immediately use to start building a fun, valuable side business,” Fies says. “Since launching the book this past December, the response has been extremely encouraging, and I am blown away and at the same time overjoyed by how quickly readers are using the book to create real value in their lives.”

The core focus of The Key to Making Money on Craigslist is to educate readers on real, tested methods for making profitable sales on Craigslist by breaking down just a few easy steps. Throughout the book, readers learn to:

– Thoroughly research price points.
– Take intelligent risks when buying and selling.
– Study real-life, proven examples of transactions and what made them successful.
– Avoid common pitfalls that turn many resellers away from Craigslist.

By building upon solid principles applied to any transactional market, Fies also teaches readers how to apply those same principles to help overcome the fatal yet all-too-common obstacles of mental and emotional barriers when it comes to independent re-selling. Readers learn more than just how to buy and sell, they also learn how to improve self-confidence, become fantastic negotiators, and most importantly, how to make re-selling on Craigslist fun.

Fies holds a bachelor’s degree in management science from the University of California, San Diego. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two dogs. Visit him on the web at or keep in touch with him on Twitter: @stevenfies

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