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The King of Access Control Hardware

The King of Access Control Hardware

Access control hardware is a necessity in all the automated personal and commercial applications. Be it dispenser booths, vending machines or turnstiles, access point interfaces are required everywhere. And when you think of a reliable company whose units churn out strong, flawlessly manufactured hardware access points; your thoughts should automatically be redirected to iMat. It is an access control system manufacturer company based in Cape Town, South Africa, and known for its topquality of products including security booth, full-height turnstiles, gates, accessories and vehicle barriers. Its product range is described in the ways as follows:

Turnstiles: There are mainly two kinds of turnstiles on offer—full height and half height. The first kind includes double full height, full height glass, full height single euro, full height single turnstile with cage, full height single turnstile with guide, four arm flat pack turnstile and flat height turnstile gate. The second one features things such as half height glass turnstile, single and double waist height turnstiles, two leg single and double waist height turnstile, single and double pedestrian barrier, half height single and double turnstile and single sidewinder turnstile.  Some of the features of turnstiles are:

  1. User-friendly, robust and fit for internal installations,
  2. Lexan side panels and mechanism cover in stainless steel.
  3. Instead of micro switches, it has a unique optic sensor array.
  4. A stainless steel frame that is protected by corrosion.
  5. A drive which is hand-operated.
  6. A one hundred percent duty cycle.

Booths: The iMat security booth interfaces are mainly designed for environment, where security is given top most priority. There is a double-stage authority check which provides for maximum protection, while preventing any unwanted entry or exit. They are also perfect for places, which have only a limited floor space, such as narrow telephone or weight-measuring booths. It also blends in perfectly with the fronts of shops and other more sophisticated areas. Some of the booths which are manufactured at the iMat factories are: Double Security Booth (suitable for preventing sabotage or espionage), Single Security Booth (has compact dimensions that help it being installed in places with almost no floor space) and single security booth with metal detector (that is mainly used for detecting metal objects, such as guns, knives and explosive devices with metal components).

Gates: The gates at iMat are manufactured in a fashion whereby they can naturally facilitate deliveries, fire exit and wheel chair access. They are made of very high quality materials and secured with the big magnetic locks. The types are: manual paraplegic gate, semi-automatic paraplegic gate and full-height bypass gate.

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About iMAT:
It is an access control system and turnstile manufacturer which is based out of Cape Town, South Africa.

32 Sycamore Cresent
Atlas Park
Contermans Kloof

Tel: 021 556 3866
Fax: 021 556 3868

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