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The Magic of Laser-Cutting

The Magic of Laser-Cutting

A name stands out tall in the crowd when you think about laser-cutting technology in the card-printing industry. Good Letter Best, a graphic design Cape town company which started its journey as a printing press back in 2002, is now one of the most prominent names in the card printing industry. Comfortable working with any material, they produce the most wondrous designs to be used in the form of wedding cards, event invites, menus, promotional posters, pamphlets, programme list and much more. They have perfected the art of laser engraving and digital printing as well. What strikes as particularly amazing is the firm’s impeccable use of laser technology to create designs and patterns with minimal paper/material burn. They make use of state-of-the-art printing techniques to provide the appropriate look to all kinds of documents—formal, official and homely. Among their services are included printing of brochures, product sheets, charts and graph depiction sheets. Their clever use of colour and means of underlining important information have made them hugely popular among consumers. Their printing types and practices are ideal for projects or programmes or lesser importance or quality, and they provide every kind of colouring as per the customer’s needs and demands. In fact, the eminently affordable rates they offer for a full-coloured print, can amaze to no end.

Not just this, the digital printing functions are carried out by printing machines which can handle paper of any weight and size. And the experienced people there will provide you useful guidance and advise on the most appropriate style, design and layout required for a certain kind of function.

If this was only about the Digital Printing part, their other specialties are sure to catch your fancy just as well. Their laser engraving functions cover a wide array of types; they feature permanent marking on official brochures, engraving of logos, symbols and alpha-numeric on pre-printed labels and certificates, repeat marking for pattern creation, non-contact marking and high resolution engraving. The methods used are environment friendly, crisp, clear and attractive. In other words, efficient, clean and perfect service at reasonable prices compared to other options in the printing and engraving market.

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About Good Letter Best:

This company was founded in 2002. Starting from promotional material printing, they have made it big in the laser cutting and printing industry. Presenting a viable and green alternative to other printing methods such as pad printing, chemical etching or silk screening, they present better quality and more affordable prices as well.  They are currently the top-rated wedding stationery designers in Cape Town. Customer satisfaction is their topmost priority.


Suburban Spares Building

13 Sydow Street

Maitland, Cape Town, 7405

Phone:+27 21 510 8600

Fax:+27 86 524 7676

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