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The main function and chemical features of the Corosolic acid

The main function and chemical features of the Corosolic acid

China – Corosolic acid is generally exacted from Banaba which is commonly known as Barnabas and is rich in the Philippine Islands. The vivo results showed that corosolic acid could promote cell glucose uptake and achieve its hypoglycemic effect glucose through the transportation of glucose. Cyanidin-3-glucoside stimulating effect on glucose transport is similar to insulin. Therefore, corosolic acid is also known as plant insulin.

The related animal experiments showed that corosolic acid have good decreasing hypoglycemic effect to the normal rats which have the diabetic. On the other hand, Corosolic acid also has very good weight loss effect. The clinical studies have found that this medicine could also regulate insulin and blood sugar levels. That is the main principle why this medicine has good weight loss effect.

As the introduction of famous Corosolic acid and Alpha-Mangostin online seller Ingenol , this acid also has a variety of other biological activities, such as significant inhibitory effect for TPA-induced inflammation and its anti-inflammatory effect is stronger than the commercially available anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin. Furthermore, this medicine also has a DNA polymerase inhibitory activity as well as a variety of inhibiting effect for the tumor cell growth.

The appearance of Corosolic acid is the white amorphous powder and it could soluble in petroleum ether, benzene, chloroform, pyridine and other organic solvents and it is insoluble in water. Under anhydrous conditions, it could occur chemical effect with the strong acid such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and perchloric acid and Lewis¡¯s acids such as zinc chloride, aluminum trichloride and antimony trichloride.


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