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The Market Need of EML File to PST Converter

Microsoft has provided a variety of email systems for Windows platforms in the past such as Windows Live Mail and MS Outlook. Both platforms support different file formats each, i.e. Windows Live Mail supports EML file format and MS Outlook supports PST file format. Sometimes users want to convert EML files to Outlook PST files for different requirements and this segment discusses the same with the need of an EML file to PST converter for this purpose.

Techniques for the Conversion of EML to PST

  1. Manual Method for Conversion: It is possible to convert the EML files to Outlook PST files through a workaround in which we save the EML file somewhere on the machine and then open it by dropping the files in MS Outlook. There are also some methods for importing the messages directly, but they require Windows Live Mail to be installed on the same machine with the respective profile configured.

Limitations of Manual Method for Conversion:

  1. Loss of Attachments – After conversion, the photos, graphics and other attachments inserted in the messages may either not be visible or even if they are it might be necessary to download them which could be a broken/damaged copy probably or just unsupported on Outlook.
  2. Time Consuming – If you have more than one account to be migrated, transferring your emails manually will take a lot of time.
  3. Loss of SMTP Headers – The mails will lose their original email SMTP header information (the top part of the email, where email addresses, subject and time stamps, and encoding marks are placed).
  1. Alternative Method for Conversion: Third party application is required to convert the EML files to Outlook PST, which provide end users, a conversion tool that is user-friendly and accurate. The software is developed by an organization, with the purpose of converting EML files into MS Outlook Files for end users need. It overcomes the limitations of manual method conversion along with providing multiple features from the software. Free trial version, is available on organization’s website.

Advantages of Alternative Method for Conversion:

  1. Conversion provided with attachment files
  2. Batch Conversion can also be applied
  3. Easy interface, with ease of running application
  4. Only MS Outlook should be pre-installed

Therefore, the third party software is more reliable to Convert EML files into PST when large amount of EML files are to be converted. In today’s scenario people hate for waiting for a long time for any conversion so, they prefer things to be done quickly.

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